The Global Beach Index: These are the best countries for beaches around the world

Every year millions of people travel all over the world in search of the perfect country to spend their time laying on beaches and soaking up the sun. These styles of holiday are still regarded as many consumers preferred type of holiday, with the lure of crystal-clear waters and warm sandy coastlines winning out over busy city breaks.

Beach holidays are highly competitive with hundreds of incredible contenders all over the world. Holidaymakers tend to look for beauty, the scope of options and how warm sea temperature are to ensure that they’re not let down by their chosen destination. However, more recently pollution has become a key factor when finding the best beach destination with plastic pollution becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Travellers are also becoming more interested in ecology, wildlife and activities leading people to search for countries that offer an array of vibrant marine wildlife for them to find when snorkelling and diving.

That’s why at Taxi2Airport we’ve ranked every country in the world on which has the best beaches, by analysis a variety of factors including the number of Blue Flag beaches – an esteemed award given to the world’s most environmentally friendly beaches, diversity of marine wildlife, sea temperatures, coastline, pollution of the ocean and how beautiful the beaches are. 


The Global Beach Index: These are the best countries for beaches around the world

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Ranking as the top country for beaches in the world is Italy, with Spain not far behind. 

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and is billed as a key getaway for those looking for culture, history and gorgeous weather. With coastline like the Amalfi Coast and islands like Sardinia, there’s a range of beaches available from miles of beautiful sand to hidden gems nestled between limestone cliffs. 

It’s no surprise then that Italy topped our list of the countries with the best beaches. The country ranked highly for almost every category, scoring top spots for its number of Blue Flag beaches, length of coastline, the myriad of marine wildlife, ocean health and Instagrammability. The country contains the fifth most Blue Flag beaches in the world with an incredible 384 while 0% of the country’s plastic is inadequately managed leading to excellent ocean health and clean seas. 

The Blue Flag is an esteemed accreditation offered to beaches by the Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches which meet its standard of environmental management across water quality, safety and public environmental education.

In second place is Spain, scoring similarly to Italy but with slightly less for Instagrammability eluding to Italy having more beautiful beaches. Spain is a popular tourist destination with plenty of beach destinations including Majorca, Costa del Sol and Alicante. The country has the most Blue Flag beaches of all other countries in the world with a staggering 557 and similarly to Italy, excellent ocean health.

The full top 10 best beach destinations are:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Brazil
  • UK
  • Portugal
  • Croatia
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Turkey

Remarkably, six of the top ten countries are based in Europe including Greece, UK, Portugal and Croatia providing a strong case for the continent’s great beach tourism. All the European countries scored top marks for Blue Flag beaches with a combined 1989 of these shores situated in these six countries including some internationally acclaimed beaches such as Martinhal in Algarve, Portugal, Zlatni Rat in Brac, Croatia and Petani Beach in Kefalonia, Greece. 

These European countries also have the cleanest oceans of all other countries with most of their plastic waste managed correctly to ensure their oceans don’t become pollution. The results 

continue to show that the beaches in these countries are some of the most beautiful in the world with continuously high Instagrammability scores.

Typical tropical beach destinations such as Indonesia and Thailand which are known for having some of the most incredible beaches in the world missed out on the top ten due to their country’s incredibly poor ocean health. In fact, 81% of Indonesia’s plastic waste and 73% of Thailand’s were mismanaged leading to dirty seas and poor ocean condition.

Japan ranked in 9th spot, an up and coming beach destination that travellers may not normally associate with the country. However, Japan has 29,751 km of gorgeous coastline and an incredible 9100 variety of marine life to explore. The oceans are clean giving travellers the perfect chance to explore the ocean floors in search of rich wildlife. They have a concept called Satoumi which is the belief that human intervention can help lead to greater biodiversity in the country’s oceans, so people often participate in acts to conserve and help their marine wildlife.

The results by continent are as below:

  • Best beach destination in Europe: Italy
  • Best beach destination in South America: Brazil
  • Best beach destination in North America: Panama
  • Best beach destination in Oceania: Solomon Islands
  • Best beach destination in Africa: South Africa
  • Best beach destination in Asia: Indonesia


To create our Global Beach Index, we looked at the following factors: 

  • Blue Flag Beaches
  • Coastline
  • Marine Life
  • Warm Seas
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Instagrammable Beaches

Using these categories, we established an overall Global Beach Index score by scoring each country out of 5 across the elements and totalling this together, allowing for the highest available total score of 30. Full dataset available on request.



Popular Airports:

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Paris Airport – Charles de Gaulle

Tokyo Airport – Narita International Airport

Rome Airport – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Malaga Airport

Palma de Mallorca Airport

Berlin Airport – Tegel

Budapest Airport – Ferenc Liszt International Airport

How to travel with your Dog

Having a dog in your life is one of the best things that could happen to you. Not without a reason, they are called Man’s best friend. However, there are a lot of things you should consider if you are planning to take your furry friend with you on vacation. This is the ultimate guide to save you and most importantly your beloved pet a lot of trouble.

Photo by ipet photo on Unsplash

Before the trip

Before starting your journey, you should bring your dog to a vet and get him checked out. Traveling can be very exhausting, so it is critical that your buddy is healthy. Since all of the trips will cause your dog stress, you should train your dog long before you are going to take the actual trip. On the one hand, you need to make sure that your dog listens to basic commands. Only a well-trained dog should be taken on a journey. This ensures, that neither of you gets into dangerous situations. On the other hand, if you need to put your dog into a crate, you should get him used to it. Try to associate the crate with nice things, like toys or going into a park for example. Only if your dog is relaxed during the trip, it will enjoy traveling as much as you do!

The perfect destination

You should consider that not all dogs were made for all climates when planning your trip. For example, bringing your Husky to Spain in Summer or your pug to Alaska in Winter might not be the best idea. Dogs are highly adaptable, but trying to get them used to a different country only for a short trip might not be worth. However, there are a lot of helpful gadgets that can help your best friend, if you still want to travel to a country with a different climate. For example, a warm jacket for cooler regions and a cooling vest for warm areas. You should think about getting your dog’s shoes as well if you want to go to a hot and sunny. Yes, shoes! Walking barefoot – or in this case, bare pawed – can quickly feel like walking on hot coal.

On the way

In the following, you will find some important information, regarding the type of transportation that you are going to use.

Photo by ipet photo on Unsplash


Traveling by plane is the least suitable way of traveling for dogs. Big dogs are usually considered as cargo. The cargo hold doesn’t make the trip a pleasant experience – even for the calmest dogs. This should only be your last option! Apart from that, small dog owners are a bit luckier. Some airlines allow you to bring your pet if it fits under the seat. Checking out the regulations of the airline is a must-to-do!


Going by train is also very advisable. In most countries, dogs are allowed to travel on public transportation. However, you should not miss to check out the regulations in your destination country. They are not allowed to drive in public transportation in Asian countries like Vietnam for example. Some train companies even demand your dog to wear a muzzle in other parts of the world. Even if your doggo is a good boy!


You should definitely consider driving by car if you own one. The chances are high, that your dog is used to it and stays calm while a ride. If not, you can again try to associate it with nice things, such as going to a park by car. Being able to take a break whenever you or your four-pawed companion wants to, is one of its biggest perks. Making sure to follow the necessary safety precautions goes without saying of course.  This includes things like putting your dog in a crate for example.

You would really like to travel by car but you do not own one? Bring your own crate and enjoy the ride with one of our dog-friendly taxis. Book now!

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Photo by ipet photo on Unsplash

Finding a nice and dog-friendly accommodation can be quite challenging. Here is a small list of places you could go to.

Menorca, Spain

Fjords of Norway.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Fort De Soto Dog Beach Park, Saint Petersburg

 Le Touquet beach, France

Cost of parking for an hour in Europe’s busiest airports

With the busiest period of the year fast approaching, people around the world will begin planning trips to see their friends and family celebrate special occasions such as Christmas.

And for many, this means planning how they will be dropped off as well as picked up from the airport. Once they arrive – the responsibility will undoubtedly fall to a family member or close friend. Given how busy this time of the year tends to be, finding parking at the airport can be problematic and to add to this, discovering how much an airport is actually charging can be a mind field.

Interested in airport parking, airport cab company has found out what it will cost for an hour of parking at the busiest airport in each of Europe’s 28 countries.

We have selected an hour of parking because it provides enough time to collect without rushing or being too cautious on time.

We have selected an hour of parking because it provides enough time to collect without rushing or being too cautious on time.

Cost of parking for an hour in Europe’s busiest airports

Taxi2Airport found that Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden has the most expensive parking for an hour at €9.28/£8.01.

Thereafter, Heathrow Airport in the UK has the next most costly charge for an hour of parking at €8.69/£7.50.

In the third position, parking at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in France is €8.00/£6.90 for an hour.

=Parking in Europe’s busiest airports

Image Credit: skyNext / Shutterstock

Further down – Helsinki Airport (Finland), Luxembourg Airport (Luxembourg) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands) all have the same pricing structure for an hour of parking.

On the lower end of pricing – Tallinn Airport (Estonia), Dublin Airport (Ireland) and Leonardo ds Vinci Airport (Italy) also all have the same rate for an hour of parking (€3.00/£2.59).

At the end of the table, Henri Coanda Airport in Romania has the cheapest rate for an hour of parking at a mere €1.26/£1.09. Whilst in neighboring Bulgaria, Sofia Airport has a similar charge at €1.53/£1.32 for an hour of parking.

When comparing the highest and lowest price for an hour of parking – the rate set by Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Sweden – €9.28/£8.01) is seven times higher when compared to that of Henri Coanda Airport (Romania – €1.26/£1.09).

=Parking lot airport

Image Credit: Anton Foltin / Shutterstock

Popular Airports:

Amsterdam Airport – Schiphol

Brussels Airport

Heathrow Airport

Barcelona Airport – El Prat

Paris Airport – Charles de Gaulle

Tokyo Airport – Narita International Airport

Rome Airport – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Malaga Airport

Palma de Mallorca Airport

Berlin Airport – Tegel

Budapest Airport – Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2020

Prepare for immediate readjustment of your bucket lists, because the best places to visit in 2020 have been named by the adventure experts at Lonely Planet’s annual list.

Lonely Planet’s newly released Best In Travel 2020 book names the top 10 countries, top 10 regions, top 10 cities and the best-value destinations for holidays next year.

The best cities have been named Salzburg, Washington DC and Cairo and the best regions the Central Asian Silk Road, Italy’s Le Marche, Japan’s Tōhoku and Maine in America.

Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2020

1- Bhutan

2- England

3- North Macedonia

4- Aruba

5- Eswatini

6- Costa Rica

7- The Netherlands

8- Liberia

9- Morocco

10- Uruguay


The best places to visit in 2020 have been named by Lonely Planet – and it’s Bhutan that’s the No1 country. Located on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, Bhutan is known for its monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes.


England has been named as the second-best country to visit in 2020. England as a top holiday destination is likely to be music to the ears of those Britons keen to limit travel times and save money. What may shock readers is that England beat rivals such a Caribbean island Aruba and tropical Costa Rica.

North Macedonia


North Macedonia takes third place in the country ranking, with Lonely Planet highlighting the recently launched High Scardus Trail, a 495km (306-mile) trek along the region’s most dramatic peaks, as one of the best attractions.

According to Lonely Planet: “Part Balkan, part Mediterranean and rich in Greek, Roman and Ottoman heritage, North Macedonia has a fascinating past and a complex national identity.”




The country offers dramatic mountains with quiet walking trails, lakes and riding opportunities and scenic national parks.

Aruba, an island and a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the southern Caribbean Sea, came in fourth place.

In fifth position was eSwatini, also known as Swaziland, a small, landlocked monarchy in southern Africa.

The remaining top ten were: Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Liberia, Morocco, and Uruguay.




1. Central Asian Silk Road

2. Le Marche, Italy

3. Tōhoku, Japan

4. Maine, USA

5. Lord Howe Island, Australia

6. Guizhou Province, China

7. Cadiz Province, Spain

8. Northeast Argentina

9. Kvarner Gulf, Croatia

10. Brazilian Amazon



1. Salzburg, Austria

2. Washington, DC, USA

3. Cairo, Egypt

4. Galway, Ireland

5. Bonn, Germany

6. La Paz, Bolivia

7. Kochi, India

8. Vancouver, Canada

9. Dubai, UAE

10. Denver, USA


Best value

1. East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

2. Budapest, Hungary

3. Madhya Pradesh, India

4. Buffalo, USA

5. Azerbaijan

6. Serbia

7. Tunisia

8. Cape Winelands, South Africa

9. Athens, Greece

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Here’s Everything You Need to Travel the World

Figuring out what you need for your next trip can be challenging, especially because a single trip can have hundreds of unique scenarios to plan for. Planning gets even more complex when you are on a tight budget, or when you are traveling with a young family. The factors that you need to keep in mind increase exponentially in the two scenarios.

But with that being said, we are here to help you plan a safe, convenient, and pocket-friendly trip to the world regardless of the situation you are in. Planning for everything may not be possible, but our guide will help you account for the most important things and scenarios. These include:

Traveling documents

To avoid landing in trouble, you have to abide by the immigration, tourism, and foreign policies of the country to which you are intending to visit. Ensure that you inquire from the country’s embassy website or offices about all the necessary documents to prepare. Understand the travel visa requirements that your destination country demands from you before making any further preparations.

It is worth noting that some countries require tourists to have passports that have at least six months of validity, starting from the date of arrival. It is, therefore, important that you have your passport renewed if it is nearing expiry. In some cases, countries will allow citizens of specific nations to tour using a free visa or if not the case, visitors should apply for a visa before traveling. For example, Americans and Canadians visiting London require minimal legal formalities.


  • When traveling with kids, you probably will need to hire a car as public transport in many countries is pathetic and unreliable. For that, you will need an International Driver License.
  • Don’t forget to make copies of your important travel documents just in case you lose any of them.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential when touring a foreign land- Some countries actually require tourists to produce proof of their travel insurance at the port of entry.

Why do you need to be insured? Well, because you are more vulnerable abroad than you are at home. If something unpleasant happens to you, say, you are attacked by thugs, your insurance provider will cover your medical expenses. If you lose your luggage, on the other hand, the provider covers the resulting expenses.

Money, of course!

You will need a sizeable amount of money to travel, even when backpacking. You don’t want to sleep on the streets of a foreign country; neither do you want to beg for food. If you intend to live luxuriously abroad, the more the money you’ll need. And even when traveling on a budget, you need to occasionally stop by an upscale tourist restaurant to grab a quality, delicious bite. If you are planning to visit London, for example, in order to save up money, you can take a London free walking tour, to help you see all the attractions, and get an optimal experience.

Also note that in some countries, tourists are required to produce proof that they have enough funds to finance their stay. Credit card receipts and bank statements are some of the documents you can carry as proof. And speaking of credit card companies, ensure that your company is reliable and does not charge crazy transaction fees when used overseas.


You will be asked to get a simple vaccine before being admitted to most countries, but you should make a point of getting one even when not required to. Your health is important, and more so when in a foreign state. The last thing you want is to contract a disease that will confine you to your bed the entire trip, or that will have lifetime consequences.

The World Health Organization recommends that every traveler be vaccinated against yellow fever, for example, before embarking on trips abroad. And because you’ll be rubbing shoulders with locals and other tourists when on a free walking tour- those are the best if you want to get the most out of your trip- it is wise to be protected from as many airborne diseases as possible.

Note: In case you are under medication, don’t forget to carry the drugs and supplements you need.

A packing list

From about 6 months prior to your trip, make an effort of making a list of the things you’ll need for your trip. Travelers forget to pack important stuff all the time just because they refused to write them down.

A freelance job

Making money while abroad will give you more traveling, eating, and accommodation options. If you are experienced in content writing, video production, transcription, business intelligence analyst, programming, web designing, and other disciplines that require freelance experts, by all means, find a freelance job.

Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”

Transport in Real Time: See How Travel Stats Add Up by the Second

In 2019, transport is a part of millions of people’s daily lives; whether that’s catching a flight to your next holiday destination, hopping on the commuter train to work in the morning, or getting a taxi home after a night out. But while we all use transport every single day, how much do we really know about it?

Well we set out to find out and share a whole lot more, with our brand new real time calculator which clocks up travel stats by the second to hammer home the reality of how much is going on around the world every day.

For instance, did you know that over 2.7 million passengers fly out of US airports alone every single day?

Or that there is a flight delayed roughly every 3.52 seconds? Considering a flight takes off around the world approximately every 0.7 seconds, that’s not a very good ratio.

With our new real time calculator, you can see flights departing, cruise passengers setting sail, and NY residents hailing their trusty cabs, as and when it happens.

Considering transport’s connection with climate change at the moment, and the global effort to cut down on carbon emissions, it’s interesting to see what the stats are, and where changes can be made to save the environment.

For example, large cruise ships use 80,000 gallons of fuel a day, which is approximately a gallon every 1.08 seconds.

Taxi2airport Transport in Real Time: See How Travel Stats Add Up by the Second

Want to see more transport in real time? Have a look at our calculator right here.

Research 2019: Cost of public transportation in 53 countries

For many tourists, travel cost in the country and city of destination is a major expense. For example, many tourists try to save money by using public transport. The prices of public transport are usually corrected to the local standard of living. This translates to a bus ride in Helsinki (Finland) logically to be more expensive than a ride in Quito (Ecuador). This is a benefit for tourists who visit Africa, South America or Asia.

On a regular basis taxi drivers of Taxi2Airport, an international taxi platform receive questions from tourists about the possibilities and cost of public transport during their trip from the airport to the place of destination. Therefore Taxi2Airport decided to investigate the cost of public transport in 80 cities around the world. In addition to their research, they consulted the travel expenses database PriceofTravel. Furthermore, the research revealed some interesting facts about public transport.

Average ride in tourist city under 2 euro

The bus, tram and metro are the most common means of public transport worldwide. Of all the tourists cities that where analyzed, the bus was found in 35.8% of the cities. The metro (19.8%) is also common in tourist cities. In third place are the tram and metro combined with both a total share of 12.3%. On average, a single short ride with one of these four means of transport costs about 1 euro and 68 eurocents globally.


In Venice, a single public transport ride costs an average of €7.67 if you take the water bus. In Copenhagen, public transport is the most expensive for a one-way ticket, which can cost up to € 13.90 per ride. The cheapest rides take place in Cairo (Egypt) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) for an average of 11 eurocents.

City trip in Europe

Are you planning to visit several European cities? In this case a public transport ride to your destination will be the cheapest in Eastern Europe for an average of € 0.94, followed by Southern Europe where an average ride to your destination costs € 2.14. A trip to the north of Europe is by far the most expensive with an average cost of € 3.99. In Western Europe you make a ride to your destination for an average of € 2.51.


An average public transport ride in one of the tourist cities in Africa will cost you only €0.28. An average trip to your destination in Europe, on the other hand, costs €2.74. The most expensive public transport trip costs an average of €2.96 in Australia and New Zealand. In South America and Asia, you pay €0.75 and €1.37 respectively for each ride to your destination.

World language

Which world language is on average is the cheapest to use for a ride? A ride in an English-speaking country costs an average of €2.22. In a Spanish-speaking country, a ride to your destination costs an average of €0.72. The cheapest ride in Mandarin costs an average of only €0.70.

Below is an overview of all the researched cost of public transportation for each tourist city.

  • Where price ranges are indicated it usually means that shorter rides are cheaper than longer rides, but in some cases it means a subway might be cheaper than a bus or vice versa. 
  • All of the above prices are walk-up fares that a tourist would pay, though many cities offer small discounts to those who buy passes in advance or in bulk. 
  • For London in particular the Oystercard (prepaid magnetic card) price was used because the walk-up price of £2.39 (US$3.12) for even the shortest tube ride is so high that only a fool skips getting a card. 
  • In a few cities, most notably Auckland, Budapest, and Prague, the low price is only for very short rides, so the higher price is more common. 
  • In some cities, particularly in Asia, there are informal public transportation systems, or systems that virtually no tourists ever take, and those were mostly left off the list. For example, Bangkok also has local non-aircon buses that are cheaper than the Skytrain and subway, but it’s extremely rare to see any tourists aboard.


Popular Airports:

Amsterdam Airport – Schiphol

Brussels Airport

Barcelona Airport – El Prat

Paris Airport – Charles de Gaulle

Tokyo Airport – Narita International Airport

Rome Airport – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Malaga Airport

Palma de Mallorca Airport

Berlin Airport – Tegel

Budapest Airport – Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Best Destination For Bachelorette Parties

Are you looking for an ideal destination to enjoy your last day out as a single lady? You’re lucky. There are many amazing great places throughout the world that can help you turn your dream bachelorette party into a reality.

So whether your perfect retreat is a great time in the sun or adventure-packed weekend, there’s definitely an ideal bachelorette destination for you and your close friends. Read on to discover 7 best bachelorette getaways for all tastes and budgets.


Charleston, South Carolina

Apart from hitting the beach, you have a lot of amazing things to do in Charleston. You can walk to Kiawah Island situated a driving distance of 40 minutes outside of Charleston for picturesque bike rides and fun-filled group activities, ranging from tasting different brands of wine at FortyEight to candle-making activities at Palmetto Scent Studio. If you have history fans in your squad, a visit to the Fall Tours of Home, History, and Architecture would be a wise idea. Here, you’ll enjoy a lovely guided tour through preserved houses and buildings that have significant historical relevance.

The Surf Club, Miami

Miami is a popular bachelorette destination due to the many beach hotels and clubs found there. But if you don’t feel like hitting the beach, Four Seasons Surf Club slightly farther north of Miami would be a great getaway. With more than 80 years of sensational history, this private club was enlarged and upgraded to a royal hotel on the shoreline of Florida. Florida is another great destination with plenty of bachelorette party options and many options for accommodation. You will find out that there are many vacation rentals, that are accessible and perfect for your party.

Las Vegas, Nevada

No destination knows how to handle bachelorettes than Vegas. With a large group of ladies, you can easily secure free entrance into most of the hottest nightclubs in the sin city. For thrill chasers, get some adrenaline rush as you prepare to take an 829-feet dive off the Stratosphere Hotel. Las Vegas boasts endless dining options. You can enjoy a sumptuous Italian meal at Rao’s, sushi at Nobu, or visit Frankie’s Tiki Room for cocktails. Another thing Las Vegas is known for is short-term rental homes. There are many vacation rentals in this city to suit your needs.

Collective Retreats, Vail

Do you want to spend your weekend in the wilderness exploring nature? If yes, you can never go wrong with Vail’s Collective Retreats. This hideaway provides an exciting glamping experience thanks to the 1000 acres of ranchland that surrounds it. Enjoy horseback riding, zip-lining, whitewater rafting, or just chill out and engage in wine tasting. This retreat has a lot to offer when it comes to bachelorette parties, so keep it at the top of your potential getaways list.

Austin, Texas

Austin is another great destination for bachelorette parties thanks to its warm weather throughout the year, a big foodie landscape, and first-class nightlife. Visit Rainey street at night to explore different bars and eateries – most renovated from old homes. If you’re looking for an envy-inspiring Instagram moment with your girls, head to Castle Hill’s Graffiti Park.

Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas


Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy strong margaritas, lip-smacking meals, and a wild nightlife?  Look no further than Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It is pocket-friendly for you and your best girls, particularly if you’re traveling from West Coast – a direct flight to Cabo is just a few hours. Vacation rentals and majestic hotels in this Mexican city are reasonably priced. Hit the beach during the day, enjoy nice cuisine at lovely Mexican restaurants at night, and then dance with your girls all night at El Squid Roe.

Palm Springs, California


If you want a bachelorette party characterized by quality time in the pool, delicious meals, and bar hopping, then Palm Springs, California would be the right option for you. The year-round warm weather makes this locale a fantastic retreat. If your group loves exploring nature, you can head to Joshua Tree National Park for a day-trip.

Choosing the right destination for your bachelorette party goes a long way to make your final day out as a single girl unforgettable. There are tons of bachelorette party options out there waiting for you. With some research and key attention to details, you can identify a great destination that suits your personal style and budget. This guide has already discussed 7 best bachelorette party destinations to help you get started.

Lirika Hart is a young ambitious girl who has been researching self-development for the past three years and is now focusing on her career. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up.”

7 Cool Things to See and Do in Budapest

If you’re looking for cool things to see and do in Budapest, you’ve come to the right place. A city is known for its architecture, youth culture, and history, Budapest has plenty to do, both on and off the beaten path. If you want to experience a little of everything this European city has to offer, here are 7 cool things that should definitely make it onto your itinerary.

The Ruin Bars

Housed in abandoned buildings, Ruin Bars are the center of nightlife in Budapest. From massive clubs to quirky hipster hangouts, these ‘underground’ watering holes are worth a visit. Check out some of the popular spots like Szimpla Kert, a factory turned multi-level dance club and Instant, a former apartment building that’s now the largest ruin bar in the city. You’ll find art, grunge, electronic dance music, and plenty of interesting people to mingle with.

Underground Caves

Who would have thought?! There’s actually a system of caves beneath Budapest and if you’re not scared of tight spaces, you can visit them. You’ll need to wear a miner’s suit and helmet to protect yourself as you inch your way through the caverns. This experience is intense so expect to crawl through extremely tight spaces.

Veli Bej

Budapest is known for its thermal baths and while you can find them all over the city, you may be met with crowds. Veli Bej dates back to the 16th century and is definitely off-the-beaten-path when it comes to the tourist trail. It’s a favorite for locals who don’t want to deal with the crowds. And, it has all of the amenities and atmosphere as the big names.

Buda Castle

What could be cooler than a real-life castle? This World UNESCO Heritage Sitewas built starting in the 13th century and is a centrepiece of Budapest. You can’t ignore it, and you’ll definitely want to take photos of it. It’s a combination of Baroque and medieval design and now houses the Hungarian National Gallery, one of the city’s top art museums.

Great Market Hall

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie (or you just love to eat) this is the place you need to visit. It’s three floors of stalls selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and locally made goods. Shop for fresh fish, spices, meat, wine, and crafts. You can even eat traditional, Hungarian dishes in between shopping.

Take a Cruise on the Danube River


The Danube River is a focal point in Budapest. While it’s nice to take a stroll along the water, it’s even better to hop on a boat and explore it more closely. There are plenty of options to book a river tour, most of which offer dinner and drinks on board.

Walk Across The Chain Bridge

This famous bridgeis a must-see while in Budapest. Make sure to walk across and check out the view while snapping some scenic photos. It dates back to the early 1800s when it was built to connect both sides of the city. It’s now considered a national symbol of pride so don’t miss it.

There’s a ton to see and do whilst visiting Budapest, so give yourself plenty of time to explore this great city.

6 Delicious Places to Eat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a melting pot of people and cultures, which lends itself to an incredible food scene. There’s a lot to keep you busy in this city but trying different restaurants and street food stalls should be at the top of your list. Wondering where the best places to eat are in Hong Kong? Here are our six favorite places.


It’s hard to find a list of the best Hong Kong restaurants without a recommendation for Yardbird. It was first opened by well-known restaurateurs, Matt Abergel (a Masa alum) and Lindsay Jang, and is one of the city’s most popular eateries. They focus on Yakatori, offering very specific parts of the chicken to diners. Expect skewers of gizzards, hearts, livers, thighs, and more. They don’t take reservations so expect to wait in line.

Islam Food


Hong Kong has a significant Muslim population, making the offerings at Islam Food both authentic and delicious. Their veal goulash pockets are a staple, as are their beef brisket noodles and lamb curry noodles. It’s a simple eatery that has a straightforward menu and cheap prices.

Peking Garden Restaurant

This restaurant has been a staple in Hong Kong for years. It’s a favorite for families who come to spend time together over one of the famous beggar’s chicken. You’ll be treated to noodles that are pulled table-side as well as other traditional dishes. Sure, the decor has a bit of an 80s vibe, and there will probably be lots of patrons in suits, but don’t let this fool you. People from all over Hong Kong have been dining here since the 70s since the food is delicious and the price is right. Make sure to try the Peking Duck as well as the onion cakes, and don’t forget to enjoy the view of Victoria Harbor while you dine.

Chilli Fagara


If you love Sichuan Chinese food (which is very spicy but incredibly delicious) you’ll want to visit Chilli Fagara. They opened in 2005 and have been said to offer the best Sichuan food in Hong Kong. Their authentic recipes have been passed down for generations, earning them awards and Michelin Stars. Make sure to try their map PO tofu, emperor’s chilli prawns, and the chicken with caramelized garlic and ginger.

8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana


If you’re looking for the best Italian cuisine in Hong Kong, this is your place. It’s headed by the famous chef, Umberto Bombana and offers a fine dining experience to guests. The restaurant is beautifully designed, featuring artistic details and exuding luxury. Make sure to try the lobster and mozzarella salad, braised veal cheek with barley risotto, and the pear tart. The prices here are high but so is the quality so make sure to visit for a special occasion.

The Chairman

This restaurant has been dubbed one of the best in all of Asia. It serves up classic Cantonese eats with a retro feel. The look and the atmosphere is a play on how restaurants in Hong Kong looked in the 1940s. Some of their top dishes include the pan-fried minced pork cakes and salted fish, layered bean curd with Chinese mushroom, braised spare ribs and the pigeon with Longjing tea. The portions are slightly smaller than you’d typically get elsewhere but the atmosphere and flavor make it worth it.

If you’re visiting Hong Kong and looking for a fantastic meal, make sure to visit one (or more) of these delicious restaurants.