Tips For Traveling With Your Kids

Flying with children can be a stressful undertaking, however, there is much that you can do to make the trip more pleasant for you and your children. We have some useful tips and information about the policy that some airlines have regarding flying with children.

Flying with children

How to travel on a plane

Traveling with a baby is become popular for many families, they are also eager to take advantage of the many cheap flights that are available. However, flying with children can be very heavy, because of the closed environment of the airplane and the lack of freedom of movement (especially in cheap flights). Children can be very impatient, especially if it’s a long flight. As regards the age of the children, it is important to think that babies up to 7 days old need a medical certificate stating that they are able to travel. As a rule, there are no risks, but it is more of a precaution. Also a visit to an audiologist is recommended, to ensure that the child has no ear problems that can cause further problems while flying. Not all airlines accept babies on board. Although for young children (0-2 years) often no ticket has to be paid, there are some airlines that charge an extra amount. At the time of booking, it is useful to ask how much baggage you may take and if there is a special seat for children at the plane. If that is not, the child could go on your lap. It is also forbidden to use a stroller during the flight; it is issued at the check-in.

Before the flight

Make sure you’ll be at the airport at least 2 – 3 hours before departure. So you can arrange the check-in and give off the stroller. If possible you will be offered a more comfortable seat with more legroom and freedom of movement. You can take advance of the playgrounds on the airports where the children can play in advance.

During the flight you can leave them next to the window, which is very interesting for all ages. If there is no priority for boarding for families with children, we advise you to get in line a bit later. Waiting can be long and annoying for the little ones. The places in the plane are already assigned so u don’t need to rush. Don’t forget to go to the toilets before boarding; little ones can be changed on the comfortable commodes. If you still have to go in line with the children, you can try to distract them with a game, dolls or a game console.

Flying with children

At the plane

Once you’re on the plane, it is important to keep your kids hydrated. The air in the aircraft is very dry so they need plenty of water. It is also advisable to take colouring books and pencils with you. Let them sit next to the window and take headphones so they can listen to music or watch a movie while flying. Flights with monitors often have computer games also. During a take-off and a landing there could be some discomfort with the ears when the pressure changes. To get around this problem we recommend keeping babies awake during departure and arrival. Let babies drink from the bottle or a pacifier. For older children we recommend gum or candy to which they can suck.

Travel sickness

In rare cases of turbulence during a flight, children can become ill. You can buy some syrup for kids or use natural remedies like vitamin B1 such as: artichokes, fish, oatmeal, brown rice, asparagus, cereal and pork. Ginger also helps to reduce nausea; u can give your kid a cup of ginger tea. This is a natural remedy without side effects. Ear pain could also be common with a cold. The most commonly used technique to reduce pressure is the so-called Valsalva manoeuvre: the mouth and the nose closed and put pressure to the back of the throat. You can also use a nasal spray in both nostrils, so the passes freely between the sinuses and the middle ear. Another way is to chew during the flight.

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Arrange everything in advance while flying with children

Besides the flight it is also important to know your plan after you’ve landed at the airport. Did you already booked a cab or any transfer, or are you going to do that when you are at your destination? Children can be very impatient and after a long flight they will be very tiered. We can imagine that you want to go home or to your accommodation as soon as possible. That’s why we recommend booking your transport in advance. There are many taxi companies that are driving all over the world. That means that you can arrange a cab drive to en from the airport in any country you want!

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit London

Maybe you are not much of a traveller. Perhaps your budget is small or you’re just a homebody by nature. There is at least one city you need to visit, and that is London! The capital is a city unlike any other in the world. We’ll give you 6 reasons why you should visit London at least once in your lifetime.

visit london

They got new and historical attractions

London got thousands of years of interesting history. You cannot fail to be impressed by the attractions in London. There is something for everyone including architecture from the Roman, Tudor, Stuart and Victorian periods. Most of them are still standing around the city. London is home in the best museums and galleries in the world, many are free. Plus being one of the oldest established cities in the world, there is much to explore on a walking or cycling tour.

London is an excellent shopping city

They love fashion in London. Whether you’re looking for designer clothes, a small boutique or the perfect gift. No matter what style you like, London has it all. Visit London and walk among the boutique nature of the West End to the major flagship stores on Oxford Street, London bristles with shopping opportunities. There are also plenty of markets like Portobello Road in Notting Hill where you can find a taste of London. And if you really LOVE fashion, then you have to look at the buzz around the London Fashion Week.

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The parks and outdoor activities are amazing

When you think of London, you probably think of a big city. But besides that the city is also rich with plenty of green. Outdoor activities take place all over the year. Take a dive in one of the outdoor swimming pools, or visit an outdoor cinema. Besides that, we can’t go without to mention that London is the greenest major city in Europe. Take a walk and explore the Royal Parks in the heart of the city such as St James and Hyde Park. Or enjoy the view from Hampstead Heath in the north of the city of London. When you visit London you’ll discover that London’s parks are an ideal place to relax.

There is a wide range of accommodations

In London there are plenty of accommodations that are within budget for everyone. No matter how much or how little you want to spend, in London will be something that is perfect for your needs. It includes everything from luxury hotels and services apartments to caravan and camping sites. If you’re looking for a cheap accommodation you’ll find lots of guesthouses and cheap hotels in London. Or you could book a bed at a hostel and make some new friends.

visit london

Visit London for Christmas

There is nothing more festive then Christmas in London. From mid-October the city is a frenzy of Christmas cheer and events. Spend a day at Winter Wonderland. The park and big posh shops are filled with amazing window displays. Go and take a spin around one of London’s best
ice skating rinks, or visit one of the many Christmas markets and fairs in London. On a particularly clear, cold evening, it’s like being in Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Good foods and drinks

The capital has plenty of restaurants and pubs. You can find anything that fits your taste. Are you looking for something specific? How about the best burgers of London? Or would you rather go for something more authentic? Then try and visit the best fish and chips London has to offer; or indulge in the best afternoon teas in London, a real British tradition. To say that Londoners like a drink is a bit of an understatement- they LOVE it!
That’s why they have 7,000 pubs and counting across the capital, so you’re never far away from a cold glass of wine.


How to travel the world with a low budget

Would you like to know how you could travel the world with a low budget?

Follow these 6 steps!

low budget

Step 1: Simplify your life

When you travel you don’t need cable television or a gym membership. What are you able to give up for your dream vacation? Simplify your life, save money and try to avoid the things likes eating out, going to the movies of even having a second car.

Step 2: Don’t expect a free ride

Don’t expect people to do things for free. They don’t do it where you live, so they also are not going to do it at the other side of the world. Give people a helping hand and be polite, they will offer you things because of your kindness.

Step 3: Sell your stuff

For how long are you planning to travel and leave the country? If it is for a several months, you can sell your stuff. Your not home anymore, so why do you still need al that stuff? Sell it, put it online, save some money and make other people happy. Let go off the belongings you don’t use anymore and urn money for your amazing travel over the world.

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Step 4: Cheaper traveling with a low budget

If you are not already signed up for couch surfing, do it now! Besides a free place to sleep, you’ll also get a lot of new friends all over the world while you travel. How amazing is that? Would you rather have your own place to stay, then start looking how to collect travel points with airlines and other companies. When you have a low budget you can book your travel for less by using discount sites and save your money.

Step 5: Free Transport

You can also transport yourself with you legs you know ;). Do it and you will see much more from the area then you will see when you are in a bus or a car. With the car you can’t get to a hidden beach or hike in the jungle to see an amazing waterfall!

Step 6: Pay in advance

In these days it is important to look for a good and also reliable taxi company. Take a look at Taxi2Aiport and do not face unexpected expenses after the cab ride. Pay in advance and enjoy your ride!

What to do about a jetlag after a long flight?

A long flight with a jetlag as a result. It affects your first day at holiday, but also your return home. Prevent a jetlag with these handy tips. What are your tips?


Tip 1: Prepare your body for the change in time zones

Every week push your schedule one our back or forward, it depends on the time zone you’re getting to. The more time zones you’re going to cross, the earlier you need to start. Travel direction has a lot of impact on your jetlag. When you are flying east it is recommended to get to bed earlier a few nights before. When you are flying west you can try going to bed later for a couple of nights.

Tip 2: Plan your flights

If you have the possibility to plan your flight, do it! Make sure you will get on your destination on daytime. Get as much as daylight as you can. Sun and daylight will make you feel better and more like staying awake. It helps you fitting in your new schedule, unless you have been up all night.

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated to Prevent a Jetlag

During the flight it is very important to drink enough water. Dehydration is one of the symptoms of a jetlag. Also the dry cabin are doesn’t help. Try to drink no alcohol or caffeine products on board. It can increase tiredness and also cause dehydration, which will do your jetlag more harm then good.

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Tip 4: When you arrive

Start eating three meals a day in line with the new time zone. Even if that means you have to eat a warm dish when it is still morning for you! Try to avoid plane food. It is mostly served on the time zone you are leaving. When you are hungry try to eat lightly until you arrive at your destination.

Tip 5: Plan your ride in advance

Try to be as smart as possible. When you are just arrived at your new destination, or maybe at home, you want as quickly as possible to your residence address. There are taxi companies where you can arrange your cab ride and pay in advance. You don’t need to struggle with the local money and just get in the cab and drive without unexpected costs.


What Are Your Ultimate Holiday Picture Moments?

Five Overlooked Holiday Picture Moments You Should Photograph

Picture Moments

Family Picture Moments

Don’t forget to make a family picture. Family is forever and the pictures are nice to have when you get older. Nowadays everything is digital. It takes less of your time and on the other hand; family picture moments are timeless!


Know when you can use flash. Some picture moments would be ruined with a flash. For example a picture with candle-lit on Christmas Eve. The higher you set your ISO, the less light your camera needs in order to take a good picture.

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Picture Moments 

Capture moments

Capturing the moments when people are talking, laughing, opening presents or sharing a drink are often more interesting picture moments and even better memories! There is nothing wrong with posed photos or having people look at you and smile while you take the picture. It just misses a sort of activity in the picture.

Try something different

Try to photograph other things then the regular. Or put them in other position. Don’t make a lame picture of a church or the Tower of Pisa. Try to capture them on the background. For example; eat a pizza at a restaurant and get the Tower of Pisa on the background. It looks amazing!


Try not to take the subject of the picture in the middle. It looks standard and is very usual. Besides you won’t get an exiting picture. Try to move the subject of the picture a bit to the left or right, as longs as it’s not in the middle of the picture. You will get a nice angle and the picture looks nicer then before. Make both of the pictures and you will see the difference.

Taxi Prices Are Falling

How much does a taxi cost? Taxi prices all over the world are falling with a price drop of 10%!

Taxi Prices

Taxi Prices are falling, it’s about a price drop of a maximum of 10% in some of the global cities. The most notable is the decline in prices in London (from 29,82 dollar in 2014 to 16,1 dollar in 2016). Also Berlin (from 30,1 dollar to 20,6 dollar in 2016) and New York (from 20 dollar in 2014 to 13 dollar in 2016) have some differences in their taxi prices.

The price drop is less visible in Amsterdam. There was a decline in prices in the year 2015: in 2014 the price was 30,1 dollar and in 2015 it became 25 dollar. This year, however, the price got back up to 27,50 dollar.

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Taxi Prices

At the bottom of the list of 40 cities dangles Bangalore in India. That same ride costs 2,3 dollar. Not only in India, But also Indonesia, Malaysia and China are cheaper countries when it comes to taxi use.

In these days it is important to look for a good and also reliable company. Take a look at Taxi2Aiport and do not face unexpected expenses after the cab ride. Pay in advance and enjoy your ride!

(Taxipro, 2016)