The 10 most bizarre complaints in hotels

Some guests expect very strange things from a hotel visit. 10 bizarre complaints ranging from “the waiter is too handsome’ to ‘my dog has not enjoyed the stay.”


Not just pop stars can behave like snooty divas. Even “ordinary” hotel visitors want to be treated like a VIP. But their requests and desires are sometimes outrageous, according to a study for which 400 valets were surveyed from 49 different countries. Daily Mail puts the strangest complaints one by one.

The 10 most bizarre complaints:

  1. The sheets are too white.
  2. The sea is too blue.
  3. The ice is too cold.
  4. An oversized tub in the bathroom caused a disgruntled guest.
  5. A light sleeper had slept badly because the snoring of his partner kept him awake all night.
  6. A guest demanded his money back, because his dog had not enjoyed the stay.
  7. A customer was able to complain about the fact that he had a room without a sea view. Little detail, it was a hotel room in London.
  8. An irritated guest did not find steak on the vegetarian menu.
  9. For some people extremes are never good enough. A guest complained about a too handsome waiter.
  10. No place for the mother of the groom in the suite


The 10 strangest requests:

  1. “I want a glass of water every hour of the night.”
  2. Another guest likes to eat cucumbers: 15 per day.
  3. Hygiene above all. Thus, the study mentions a guest who demanded that his toilet was filled with mineral water.
  4. A bath filled with honey, because according to the host that is “very healthy and good for the skin.”
  5. Someone who undoubtedly grew up in the mountains, asked for the sound of ringing bells around the neck of a mountain goat. “To fall asleep easily.”
  6. Asking for chicken in a restaurant is anything but strange, unless you just want to eat the right side of a chicken.
  7. A dead mouse, no idea what someone planed with that.
  8. A bath filled with chocolate, a dream of many. Yet there are actually guests who dare to ask.
  9. 16 pillows for just one person.
  10. The order “one bowl crocodile soup’.

Travel By Plane? Wear Sneakers to Walk

Light footwear is comfortable while you travel by plane, but sport shoes are better. Because then you can still do something useful during long waits for your health; such as walking a long way.

travel by plane

Dr. Christopher Berger, as chairman of the working group air travel of the American College of Sports Medicine, knows what he is talking about. He spends plenty of time at airports. He always sees what happens when waiting times and queues are getting longer; people are stressing that something will go wrong with their flight while their frustration keeps growing. Many people pass the time and frustration with extra food and drinks. This all are not really good for your health when you travel by plane.

Why not just go walking a long way


“Why not just go walking a long way,” Berger suggests. “An excellent way to charge off steam, to clear your head and to deliver your body a significant boost that can use it well when you’re sitting for hours during your flight. Many airports are large enough for a long trip of 20 minutes to half an hour without having to run laps,” said Berger.

Prevent Thrombosis While You Travel By Plane

Stretching your legs is also an excellent way to prevent deep vein thrombosis, one of the risks of long travel by plane journeys. When you sit still for long, the blood flows more slowly through the leg veins that will cause blood clots. When such a blood clot comes loose, it flows with the blood through the heart to the lungs until it hits the clamp in finer blood vessels. There, he blocks the blood that comes to pick up oxygen in the lungs. The larger the clot, the bigger the risk.

Always Better Than Sitting and Dozing

Many people buy themselves a pedometer to boost their health by putting each day some additional steps. Waiting times at airports are an ideal opportunity to make it happen. A good book is undoubtedly a good way to kill time, but after a while you become drowsy and lethargic. This is the perfect time to stretch the legs. It requires no more than a flexible walking shoe.

Highest Swing in Europe, Opened in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. And how wonderful is it that nowadays you can see the entire city at once. And no, we are not talking about a bus tour through the city, but a swing 100 meters of the ground! At this challenging level, this is the highest swing in Europe, opened on a tower in Amsterdam.

Highest Swing


Daredevils can swing their legs over the edge of the tower. The swing itself is located at the edge of the building and is secured with a safety bar. Four spaces are available for a swing and you’ll be fastened with a safety harness.

The highest swing on the old Shell Tower reopened in May under the name A’DAM Tower. The building now has a new role as an observation point where tourists and visitors enjoy the panoramic view of Amsterdam. Next to a swing there is more in the building… a club, restaurant, hotel and office.

Highest Swing


And guess what? The good news is; you can get in the highest swing for free until Friday, September 2nd! After that you have to do something more for an adrenaline ride. Access to the roof will cost € 12.50 and a ride on the swing € 5.00. But then you have a fantastic view of the Dutch capital! The swing is open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. For more information;

Please note: Over the Edge is not suitable for children smaller than 1.30 meters and use of the swing are at your own risk.

How To Survive The Hot Summer Heat

When the hot summer starts we always focus on nice picnics, relaxing beach days, and tasty summer drinks. But sometimes the heat is too much and we need to seek for the cooler options.

hot summer

There are two things we definitely want; enjoy the summer without burning away in the sun and sleep well during the hot summer nights. But when the night falls… we lay in our beds with our sticky body and tossing and turning all night because we can’t fall a sleep. Some of us have a luxury life and enjoy the fresh breeze of air-conditioning in their bedrooms, but some of us don’t. Living through a summer without AC seems impossible, but we got some great solutions for you! Read these 10 tips to beat the summer heat without AC.

Cool your wrists

By cooling your wrist under cold water, every hour for 5 seconds, you’ll feel much better. Because a main vein passes through this area and it helps cool the blood. You will feel much better when you’re body has cooled down.

Eat Small and more often

Foods that are high in protein increase metabolic heat in your body. When you eat a large meal, your body creates more metabolic heat for breaking down the food. Eat smaller meals during hot summers and eat more often.

Cool off shower

Cold showers sounds very tempting during summertime. But your body generates heat to compensate the heat it lost during a cold shower. Take a tepid bath or shower just below your body temperature. This will bring down the core body temperature and will be most effective before sleeping.

Choose cotton

Although satin, silk or polyester sheets sounds very soft and lovely, we recommend you to save them for cooler nights. Cotton absorbs perspiration and its evaporation causes you to feel cooler. Bed sheets of lightweight cotton are breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation in the bedroom.

Ice in front of a fan

This is an old-school technic but it actually works. Place a roasting pan or something in common, full of ice, in front of a fan. This will create a cool mist when the breeze picks up the cold melted water for the ice surface.

Sleep alone

However spooning and sleeping with your partner feels great at the end of the day… it does increase body heat. It makes the bed and yourself a sticky mess. Sleeping alone is way better, and the best way is to sleep in a spread eagle position (with arms and legs not touching each other). In this way you’ll let air circulate around the body and it will reduce body heat.

Turn off the lights

Turning off the lights when you’re going to sleep is logical. But try to keep the light off during the day as much as possible because light bulbs give off heat. Take advantage of natural lights because in summer it stays light until eight or nine at night. Keep rooms cool after dark by using lights minimally or not at all.

Stay away from the stove

Try to eat salads or any foods that are at room temperature, to avoid generating any more heat in the house. If you want to eat hot foods, fire up the grill instead of the oven. And swap big meals for smaller, lighter dinners that are easier to metabolize. The body produces more heat after you chow down on a huge steak than a platter of fruits, veggies and legumes.

Unplug at night

When you’re going to sleep, its better to disconnect electronics. Gadgets and other small appliances give off heat, even when they are turned off. It also saves energy when you unplug your electronics during the hot summer nights.

Eat spicy food

Although this may be the last thing you want to think about during a hot summer, curries and chillies can stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, enhance circulation and cause sweating, which cools the body down.

The True Size of Our World Map

Take a look at the map below. When you look at the continent of Africa and the country Russia, you will see that on the map Africa is a lot smaller than Russia. The world map that is known to you and right now in front of you is completely wrong.

The world according to the Mercator projection 
© Creative Commons 3.0, Strebe.

Russia and Africa are not the only ones that are distorted displayed on the traditional world map. Also if you look on Google Maps, or in the atlas, you will see the same formats. Greenland, for example, seems huge. But is that true?

When we take a look at the website of “The True Size” everything gets a lot clearer. We made a comparison between Russia and Africa. As you can see on the picture below, Africa is several times larger than Russia. With the maps tool of “The True Size” you can compare every country in the world. Type the name of the country that you want to compare, and then drag it over the map, so you see the differences. Drag a country towards one of the two poles, they suddenly get much larger, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which suddenly turns out to be the same size as Western Europe.

Russia - Africa

Why is that?

The difference has everything to do with the way in which we look to the world maps for hundreds of years: via the Mercator projection. The Vlaming Gerardus Mercator developed the map in 1569 for the shipping. The map can’t give any projection of the Earth on a flat surface without distortions, because of the spherical shape of the earth. The further you’ll get from the equator, the greater the distortions will be. Also Europe for example, gets the opportunity to show more countries on the map when it’s in a bigger size.

The True Size of Afrika

The large deformation and the fact that for example Africa seems much smaller than it actually is, make the Mercator projection in recent years more and more controversial. Also the info chart The True Size of Africa shows why. It is easy to see that Africa is in fact greater than the United States, China, India, Japan and all over Europe together.

A possible variant of the actual size of the Earth would be the Gall-Peters projection, which at first glance looks strange, but actually approaches the actual shape of the Earth better than the Mercator projection. UNESCO is in favour of these maps!

Gall-Peters Projection

Airberlin nonstop from Düsseldorf to the Caribbean

Airberlin has extended the offer to the Caribbean this summer and is going to put this program also in the summer period from 2017. The new connection from Düsseldorf to Havanna will be offered twice a week next summer. Airberlin also flies three times a week to Varadero, which is ideal for individual tours in Cuba.


“Airberlin is the largest provider for long flights from Düsseldorf. This year, we have extended our Cuba range with new flights to Havana and in added Boston and San Francisco again in our route network. Next summer we fly for the first time from Düsseldorf to Orlando, which will be interesting particularly for Disney fans and families.” said Merlin Schmischke, responsible for the Tourism Department at Airberlin.

As in previous years, it flies once a week to the Netherlands Antilles: every Tuesday the jets start in Düsseldorf with Curaçao as destination. Also the offer to Mexico, with two flights a week from Düsseldorf to Cancun is fixed. The Dominican Republic is even five times a week the destination of the Germany’s second largest airline. Two times weekly lands Airberlin in Puerto Plata and three times a week in Punta Cana. The offer to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2016 has increased with one frequency compared to the year before and will also be offered next summer.

Vietnam is going to make visa application easier for tourists

Vietnam is going to change the visa application to a digitally apply. The change is part of several plans to attract more tourists to the Southeast Asian country.

Vietnam has earmarked about 200 billion Vietnamese dong (over 8 million euro) for the plan of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

The system should be effective from January 1, 2017, writes Thanh Nien Daily. The Ministries of Finance, Public Security and Foreign Affairs are in charge of the plan for the e-visas. Currently, a tourist can get a visa on arrival at the international airport or at Vietnamese embassies and consulates.

Tourists from 23 countries, including France, Spain and Great Britain do not need a visa to Vietnam under the so-called visa waiver program. For Dutch and Belgians a visa is mandatory.

In the first half of 2016 already 5,5 million foreign tourists visited the country. The goal of Vietnam is to withdraw between 10 and 10.5 million tourists to the country by 2020. As expected it delivers the tourism sector between 16.1 and 17 billion euros.



Dit vergeten Nederlandse reizigers in de taxi als ze op reis gaan

Lost luggageEen reis kan op momenten de nodige paniek en stress met zich meenemen. In de praktijk uit dit zich vaak in vergeetachtigheid op het laatste moment. Iedereen zal de situatie wel herkennen wanneer je net in het vliegtuig zit en je dan pas beseft dat je iets bent vergeten.

Als taxichauffeurs van en naar vliegvelden, weten de chauffeurs van Taxi2Airport als geen ander wat er wel niet vergeten wordt op reis. Om dit in kaart te brengen, deed Taxi2Airport onderzoek naar vergeten spullen in taxi’s voor het begin van de reis.

In totaal werden 1858 willekeurige taxiritten in 2016 onderzocht, waarbij het reisgezelschap bestond uit Nederlandse passagiers. Het ging hierbij om ritten naar Schiphol, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport en Eindhoven Airport. Het onderzoek bracht een aantal opmerkelijke feiten naar boven.

Nederlands gemiddelde

In 21% van de gevallen (390 taxiritten) werd er iets vergeten in de taxi. Een op de vijf reizigers vergeet dus iets mee te nemen op reis. Een groot deel (89%) van deze reizigers had het verlies snel door en kon tijdig contact opnemen met de chauffeur. 92% van de spullen uit overige ritten werd later alsnog herenigd met de eigenaar.

Meest vergeten spullen

Van de 390 taxiritten kon een top 5 gemaakt worden van meest vergeten spullen. De mobiele telefoon wordt het meest vergeten op reis (22%). Ook contant geld wordt opvallend vaak vergeten (16%). Verder staan de portemonnee (ruim 13%), paraplu’s (ruim 12%) en sleutels  (9%) in de top 5. De overige vergeten spullen zijn ondergebracht in een grafische weergave.


In het voorjaar van 2016 werd een trouwring vergeten die bestemd was voor een huwelijksaanzoek in het buitenland, zo bleek later.  Verder werd in december van het vorige jaar een tas met 1500 euro aan contant geld aangetroffen onder de achterbank. Zowel de mogelijke bruidegom als de eigenaar van het geld hadden geluk. Zij kregen hun eigendommen terug doordat eenvoudig te achterhalen was dat zij de rit hadden gemaakt.

Percentages vergeten spullen

Het is dus raadzaam om altijd een dubbele check te doen voordat je  de taxi uitstapt. Voor je het weet verlies je een heleboel geld of; erger nog, loopt je aanzoek niet zoals je had gehoopt.

Bij Taxi2Aiport hebben de partners het lekker druk; niet alleen met rijden, maar ook met schoonmaken. Iedere rit moeten de wagens van onze transportpartners schoon zijn, zowel van binnen als van buiten. Tijdens het schoonmaken van taxi’s komen onze transportpartners vaak vergeten spullen tegen, die volgens ons beleid gemeld en geregistreerd dienen te worden. Door middel van deze gegevens hebben wij bovenstaand onderzoek kunnen uitvoeren en hebben wij deze interessante gegevens ook met u kunnen delen.

Fines to Travelers on The Beach in Italy

The Italian coast guard is going to hand out fines to travelers who leave beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach to get a spot for the next day.

Fines to Travelers

The fines to travelers are about 200 euro, writes The Guardian based on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. It comes to public beaches at Tuscany and Sardinia.

Last Saturday the coast guard of Livorno took 37 beach chairs, umbrellas and thirty different towels and bathing suits. In Cecina, a city in Tuscany, it is punishable to leave stuff unattended on the beach before 8.30 am. From that time, swimmers are welcome.

A deep-seated habit

It is not the first time that the Italian authorities must act against people who want to be sure of a beach place. A few years ago six tourists in Liguria had a fine of about 1,000 euro, because they already had ten towels on the beach for 6 a.m. They were all older than sixty years.

Reserving a spot on the beach according to La Repubblica is a “deep-rooted habit” that has emerged after the Second World War. There were more and more tourists coming to Italy for a holiday.

The Great Wall of China is Frequently Robbed

The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But unfortunately there are people who steel rocks from the wall. Tourist and local people regularly take along a peace of wall. The Chinese authorities intensify control on theft of bricks from the Great Wall.

Great Wall of China

Tourists take the peaces of the wall as a souvenir, according to news agency Xinhua. Locals sell them to tourists or use them to build their own houses.

“It is in each case a small damage, which together becomes a serious problem”, said vice president Don Yaohui of China Great Wall Society (CGWS). “We have lost a lot of money on the on-going restoration of the Great Wall of China.”

The Chinese are going to check whether the local authorities who oversee the more than six thousand kilometer-long Great Wall, are sufficient in action against the thefts. They also opened a hotline for the visiting public.

Thirty Percent Of The Great Wall of China Disappeared

According to the CGWS there is thirty per cent missing since the construction of The Great Wall of China. Except by people, the Wall is also threatened by earthquakes, rainfall and other nature elements.

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Alcohol on a plane

Alcohol on a plane / The Great Chinese Wall

7 Wonders of The World

The construction of the Wall already began in the third century before Christ, but became especially big during the Ming-Dynastie (1368 – 1644). The Great Wall of China is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Last week Taxi2airport posted a video on their Facebook page about the seven wonders of the world. The Seven Wonders of The World are including the Great Wall of China. This video shows the most amazing constructions in the world, which belong between these seven wonders. Respect our nature and let things the way they are.