KLM Launches Free KLM Media App on Board

Are you going to have a long tired flight? Are you wondering what you can do to kill the time on board? KLM launches a solution for your problem called KLM Media app.

KLM Launches Free KLM Media App on Board

What is KLM Media app?

It is an application for smartphone and tablets allowing passengers to download their favourite publications to read during travel time. The application is a solution for entertainment inflight, as well as reduces impact on environment from newspaper copies. Up to now, KLM provides a wide selections of Dutch and international media including:

  • Holland Herald
  • Air France Magazine
  • Financieel Dagblad
  • Telegraaf
  • Trouw
  • Volkskrant
  • Le Monde
  • International New York Times
  • USA Today
  • Financial Times
  • Wallstreet Journal
  • Die Welt
  • El Pais
  • China News Weekly
  • China Time

KLM promises to improve its sources of publications in the near future.

How to use KLM Media app?

KLM launches free KLM Media app on board

You can download the application for iOS and Android. The application is available in 12 languages and opened for everyone.

KLM clients are able to log in with their Flying Blue account, KLM account or booking code 30 hours previous to their flight. Take advantage of free wifi at the airport to download your favourite publication to your device. The number of downloadable media depends on your travel class and Flying Blue status.

For non-KLM clients, you still have the access to the airline’s own magazine – Holland Herald.

Next time flying with KLM, you can be sure that you will have some nice time on board enjoying your favourite news paper.

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