Airport WiFi Password Finally Revealed

Despite of huge demand for free airport WiFi, They still keep Wifi passwords secretly or limit our surfing time. Here we are, finally a hero created a folder or wireless passwords at airports worldwide.

Who is This Internet Hero?

That guy is Anil Polat, a blogger, a computer security engineer and a traveler. Understanding the struggle or boredom at airports, he created a comprehensive folder with not only airport WiFi passwords but useful tricks to unlock time restrictions and locations for the best connection (eg. Sit next to Air France / KLM Lounge). His aim is helping travelers to find easily a wireless connect point for entertaining during a long layover, working or communicating with family and friends.

How To Get Access to The Airport WiFi?


Try it out and click on an airplane above

Just by clicking on a blue plane, the most updated information about the airport’s connection will be shown. Currently over 100 airports are marked on the map-including major hubs. However, the number is increasing thanks to real-time update system and crowdsourcing from people like you or pilots and flight attendants. People are welcomed to share Their information about airport wireless hotspots via his Facebook  or send a direct email at his website .

For offline using-which is obviously Necessary, WiFox the application is available on App Store , Google Play  and Amazon . The cost for the application is $1.99-which is once downloaded so you can enjoy the offline version.

airport wifi

Now you are free to check-in on Facebook before your flight departures or your can Tweet about the delayed flight.

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