Customs intercepted 40 million fake goods in the EU

The Customs authorities in the EU have seized more than 40 million fake goods last year, an increase of 15 percent from 2014.


The total value amounted 650 million euros, according to the European Commission. Fake branded cigarettes (27 percent) have been confiscated at the external borders of the EU. Chinese exporters are the biggest violators of intellectual property (41 percent).

According to EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici (Taxation and Customs), there are no signs that the criminal activity decreases that our common market flooded with counterfeit and illegal products.

The culprits

Besides cigarettes under false names there are also liquor, medicines, electric appliances, perfumes and toys smuggled on a large scale into the EU.

After China (including Hong Kong), then Montenegro, Malaysia and Benin are the biggest culprits. The Dutch customs increased in 2015 more than five million “wrong” items seized, according to the Commission. More than double compared to the previous year.


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