10 Tips to Cool Off

Not everywhere in the world we deal with extreme heat. But abroad, temperatures can rise substantially. Then it is useful to know how to keep your body temperature under control, because heatstroke or dehydration can be add up quickly. 10 tips to cool off:

10 tips to cool off

Cooling tip 1: Do not drink ice cold water

In extreme heat, you think you need to drink water with ice cubes. The colder the better, you think. But this has just the opposite effect. The icy water allows your body to cool down temporarily. The thermostat in your brain ensures that your body temperature will rise again, with the result that you get extra hot. By drinking warm (herbal) tea the opposite occurs. The heat from the tea provides a temporary increase in body temperature. Your body responds by quickly setting your thermostat lower.

Cooling tip 2: Wear light clothes with a light color

White emits heat off and dark colors take just heat up. It’s not for nothing that desert dwellers wear long white robes. Sometimes it seems better to wear hardly any clothes, but a sun-discolored skin can absorb a lot of heat. Wearing white clothes can therefore be better than wearing no clothes. A black colored snapback is fatal. Your head will be able to overheat.

Cooling tip 3: Do not fight the heat

People can be pretty excited about warm weather. If you want to cool down, it is the trick to remain calm and accept the heat. Because is you worry about it, there will be stress and stress increases your heart rate. You’ll put your body unconsciously to work, with the result that you’re even hotter. Stay relaxed and keep your body temperature stable.

Cooling tip 4: Divide the day with a tropic roster

In really hot countries it can help to adjust your schedule to the heat. Stand up earlier to avoid the worst heat. Try to do less between 12:00 and 16:00. Take for example a power nap or siesta to cool off.

Cooling tip 5: Eat fruits

Your body cools by sweating. The heat will expel from your body. While sweating, you lose the necessary fluid, but also salts that should be completed. Fortunately, there are plenty of vegetables that can complement this fluid and salt shortage. The best fruit for this is the watermelon. But also the sugar melon, apples, mangoes, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are excellent cooling food.

Cooling tip 6: Keep your home cool

Keep your house completely closed during the warm days. When it’s starting to cool off at night and the outside temperature falls below the indoor temperature, you can set windows and shutters open to cool the house. Try not to cook or bake during the day. This heat lingers in your home. If your house is warmed up in the summer to a certain temperature, it will retain heat for a long time.

Cooling tip 7: Put a cold washcloth on your neck to cool off

A cold washcloth on your neck can be very refreshing. You can also keep your feet in a tub of water or your wrists under the tap.

Cooling tip 8: Limit spicy food, cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine

Certain foods stimulate the sweat glands. Due to the consumption of hot peppers, for example, the heart rate goes up. Your body is put to extra work, causing the body temperature may rise slightly. Then your body gives the signal for cooling, which will produce your sweat. If the weather is warm, you obviously are not waiting for that to happen.

Cooling tip 9: Take a lukewarm shower or bath

A hot shower or bath actually has the same effect as drinking a cup of tea, with the added benefit that you feel clean and fresh.

Cooling tip 10: Moderate skin oils and makeup

Skin oils and makeup tend to insulate your body. That means they retain heat and do not cool off. While during hot summer weather you just want to drive the heat from your body. So be careful with this kind of cosmetics. Anyways some cosmetics can also trigger an allergic reaction in the sun.

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