Turkey gently comes back on the travel market.

After a long holiday dip Turkey gently comes back as a holiday destination for the Dutch.

Turkey gently comes back

Turkey gently comes back as holiday destination. Dutch booked in August 15 per cent fewer package tours to the country than in the same month last year, reports industry association General Dutch Association of Travel Agencies (ANVR). That’s according to the travel industry organization, a substantial improvement compared with the previous months.

Thus, the decline in July was 45 per cent and in June 26 per cent. Since the beginning of the year the bookings to Turkey running now about 34 per cent behind compared to last year at this time. Especially Spain (plus 29 per cent) and Portugal (plus 23 per cent) were able to take advantage of the slump in Turkey. Greece also does well as a holiday destination.

In total, according to the Dutch ANVR slightly (0.5 per cent), Dutch booked more holidays in the first eight months of the year than in the same period last year.


According to tour operators Turkey attracts because it is cheap. “For the price of a four-star apartment in Spain you could be in a five star all inclusive in Turkey during autumn,” said Daisy Mijnals from Corendon, the largest provider of travel to Turkey in the Netherlands. Turkey gently comes back on the travel market because people love to on holidays in Turkey.

Hanita van der Meer from Thomas Cook sees that “day after day” they get more bookings to Turkey. According to Hanita van der Meer tourists on the Turkish coast notice nothing of the political unrest in the country. “Even during the attempted coup they had not noticed.”

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