Over 50,000 Alarm Euro Cross Calls This Summer

Alarm Euro Cross Assistance had this summer 51.469 telephone conversations with people who had a technical or medical problem.

Alarm Euro Cross

Remarkably often the conversations they received went about rabies. Mostly after someone got bitten by a dog or monkey. There also was an increase this year in the number of bicycle accidents involving serious injuries to the head, collarbone and wrist.

Don’t forget the car problems people had. An overheated engine led to many questions for technical assistance. There where about 686 people repatriated during their summer holidays in 2016.

The busiest day for Alarm Euro Cross Assistance was Monday August 1st. There were 1357 incoming calls that day.

Most reports this year came from France, Spain, Italy and Germany. There has also been called more from Asia than there has been in previous years. The Asian countries that have been calling to Euro Cross Assistance include countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

About 686 people repatriated this summer if, for example, people cannot travel home by themselves after a hospital stay.

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