The 10 most bizarre complaints in hotels

Some guests expect very strange things from a hotel visit. 10 bizarre complaints ranging from “the waiter is too handsome’ to ‘my dog has not enjoyed the stay.”


Not just pop stars can behave like snooty divas. Even “ordinary” hotel visitors want to be treated like a VIP. But their requests and desires are sometimes outrageous, according to a study for which 400 valets were surveyed from 49 different countries. Daily Mail puts the strangest complaints one by one.

The 10 most bizarre complaints:

  1. The sheets are too white.
  2. The sea is too blue.
  3. The ice is too cold.
  4. An oversized tub in the bathroom caused a disgruntled guest.
  5. A light sleeper had slept badly because the snoring of his partner kept him awake all night.
  6. A guest demanded his money back, because his dog had not enjoyed the stay.
  7. A customer was able to complain about the fact that he had a room without a sea view. Little detail, it was a hotel room in London.
  8. An irritated guest did not find steak on the vegetarian menu.
  9. For some people extremes are never good enough. A guest complained about a too handsome waiter.
  10. No place for the mother of the groom in the suite


The 10 strangest requests:

  1. “I want a glass of water every hour of the night.”
  2. Another guest likes to eat cucumbers: 15 per day.
  3. Hygiene above all. Thus, the study mentions a guest who demanded that his toilet was filled with mineral water.
  4. A bath filled with honey, because according to the host that is “very healthy and good for the skin.”
  5. Someone who undoubtedly grew up in the mountains, asked for the sound of ringing bells around the neck of a mountain goat. “To fall asleep easily.”
  6. Asking for chicken in a restaurant is anything but strange, unless you just want to eat the right side of a chicken.
  7. A dead mouse, no idea what someone planed with that.
  8. A bath filled with chocolate, a dream of many. Yet there are actually guests who dare to ask.
  9. 16 pillows for just one person.
  10. The order “one bowl crocodile soup’.

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