Travel By Plane? Wear Sneakers to Walk

Light footwear is comfortable while you travel by plane, but sport shoes are better. Because then you can still do something useful during long waits for your health; such as walking a long way.

travel by plane

Dr. Christopher Berger, as chairman of the working group air travel of the American College of Sports Medicine, knows what he is talking about. He spends plenty of time at airports. He always sees what happens when waiting times and queues are getting longer; people are stressing that something will go wrong with their flight while their frustration keeps growing. Many people pass the time and frustration with extra food and drinks. This all are not really good for your health when you travel by plane.

Why not just go walking a long way


“Why not just go walking a long way,” Berger suggests. “An excellent way to charge off steam, to clear your head and to deliver your body a significant boost that can use it well when you’re sitting for hours during your flight. Many airports are large enough for a long trip of 20 minutes to half an hour without having to run laps,” said Berger.

Prevent Thrombosis While You Travel By Plane

Stretching your legs is also an excellent way to prevent deep vein thrombosis, one of the risks of long travel by plane journeys. When you sit still for long, the blood flows more slowly through the leg veins that will cause blood clots. When such a blood clot comes loose, it flows with the blood through the heart to the lungs until it hits the clamp in finer blood vessels. There, he blocks the blood that comes to pick up oxygen in the lungs. The larger the clot, the bigger the risk.

Always Better Than Sitting and Dozing

Many people buy themselves a pedometer to boost their health by putting each day some additional steps. Waiting times at airports are an ideal opportunity to make it happen. A good book is undoubtedly a good way to kill time, but after a while you become drowsy and lethargic. This is the perfect time to stretch the legs. It requires no more than a flexible walking shoe.

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