Fines to Travelers on The Beach in Italy

The Italian coast guard is going to hand out fines to travelers who leave beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach to get a spot for the next day.

Fines to Travelers

The fines to travelers are about 200 euro, writes The Guardian based on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. It comes to public beaches at Tuscany and Sardinia.

Last Saturday the coast guard of Livorno took 37 beach chairs, umbrellas and thirty different towels and bathing suits. In Cecina, a city in Tuscany, it is punishable to leave stuff unattended on the beach before 8.30 am. From that time, swimmers are welcome.

A deep-seated habit

It is not the first time that the Italian authorities must act against people who want to be sure of a beach place. A few years ago six tourists in Liguria had a fine of about 1,000 euro, because they already had ten towels on the beach for 6 a.m. They were all older than sixty years.

Reserving a spot on the beach according to La Repubblica is a “deep-rooted habit” that has emerged after the Second World War. There were more and more tourists coming to Italy for a holiday.

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