Alcohol on a Plane; What Does That to Your Body?

Starting your flight in a good way and have a little party with your fellow travellers doesn’t sound bad at all. Many people have had a couple of drinks during their flight. But how did you feel afterwards? Did you feel the same as when you’re on the ground or did you feel really drunk? Alcohol on a plane does a couple of things you didn’t know with your body…

alcohol on a plane

What happens when you drink alcohol?

After drinking your tasty glass of alcohol it takes 30 to 60 minutes before the alcohol reaches the maximum effect. That means when you drink more alcohol within the 30-60 minutes your body gets into more alcohol then your liver can handle. The alcohol goes directly into your bloodstream resulting in an increase of the blood alcohol level. Eventually it comes to your brains and will impulse your nervous system and slows down your movements and coordination. Also, drinking alcohol works on your kidneys, in the sense that you get dehydrated faster.

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What happens when you drink alcohol on a plane?

The barometric pressure on board of an aircraft is lower than on the ground. Because of the lower pressure your body absorbs less oxygen so you can get dizzy; this is called hypoxia. Because there is less oxygen in the air you’ll be drunk much quicker in the air, after the same number of drinks, as you would drink on the ground. The alcohol on a plane percentage is not higher then it would be when you drink on ground level. The difference is that the air is dryer on board and together with the drying effect of alcohol; you’ll have a bigger chance to dry out. Therefore, it is recommended to drink plenty of water in addition to alcohol and minimize eating salt foods.

Of course Taxi2Airport is not trying to stop you to drink a nice glass of alcohol on a plane when traveling to a beautiful destination. Especially not when they are for free! Just don’t be that annoying drunk person who had a little too much during a flight!

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