Travel Destinations Without Children are Increasingly Popular.

travel without children

What is important to you when you’ll travel? Is that animation, a hotel close to the beach, socializing with other travellers or do you prefer a relaxed stay with as much as possible rest? Dutch travel organisations see a striking increase in accommodations that are only accessible for adults and travel without children.

We’ve all been there. When there are children running and screaming and disturbing your rest while you’re sunbathing. Not everyone, but there are people who don’t wish anything like that during their vacation. Many accommodations have a solution to this; 18 + hotels. These hotels are becoming more popular according to large travel agencies. New hotels are opened only for adults and existing hotels are converted to travel without children.

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travel without children

At Neckermann Travel they are already trying for several years to extend the offer for 18 + hotels. “We see the rising demand among young people who still do not have children and the so-called ‘ empty nesters ‘, of which the children are living on their own,” says Alice van der Meer from Neckermann Travel. Also other Dutch travel organisations such as D-reizen, Trivago and Corendon see the increase to travel without children. Corendon has even doubled its offer and sees the increase especially in Spain.

Currently, travel company TUI has 30 of these hotels; there will be 35 hotels next year. “We see an increase in both number of hotels as in passenger and expect a growth for the years ahead ‘ says a TUI spokesman.

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