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We, Taxi2Airport, recently did a study on the number of bags that people travel with these days. The striking result showed us that people rather share a suitcase and travel with less as possible. It sounds difficult to travel light and to fit in everything you want just in a little suitcase or one that you’re sharing with someone else. That’s why we would like to give you some tips from Anne McAlpin, a packing expert and the author of the book “Pack It Up: Travel Smart, Pack Light”. 

travel light

The funny thing is that Ms. McAlpin never checks in any luggage, only her carry-on baggage. Even if she is traveling for three weeks through Asia! If you’re still traveling with heavy bags; it’s time to make a change. The most common reason why people share their luggage, or travel with just a carry-on baggage, is because every airline charges money for your checked bag and a lot more for overweight bags! So these tips from Ms. McAlpin to travel light, will be better for your back and save you money as well.

Her first tip is to go for a soft bag, not a hard case luggage. The reason why is because a soft bag will bend a little to fit in the area, a hard one won’t.  Her second tip is to pare down the toiletries. U can still take your favourite ones with you, but you don’t need a large size for just one week. A transparent quart-size plastic bag can carry all of your liquid stuff. Besides that you can also buy some handy travel bottles that you can fill with the quantity you need.

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There is also a magic number of shoes you should bring with you. According to Ms. McAlpin you should wear a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes during your flight, and pack two more. Men should bring loafers to wear in the evening and woman need a pair of strappy sandals or low heels that she can wear during day and night-time. Both can bring sneakers and flip-flops; they take minimal space.

Her last tip is to choose a colour theme; she recommends going for a dark shade like black or navy, because it looks more chic then a lighter colour.  The number should be no more then nine tops and three bottoms. “The number of looks you can put together with these pieces is endless” she said.

It’s so much cheaper and also a lot easier to travel light with just a carry-on bag when you’re going on a vacation. That means you won’t have any lost luggage and you’ll always have everything you need with you. And the best of all; you don’t have to wait in lines for you luggage!

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