The Busiest Weekend of The Summer

busiest weekend

Holiday season has been started and so has the busiest weekend. Children are free from school, people are going on vacations and the tourism companies are much busier. That means that summer is just begun! Also in The Netherlands the holidays have been started last weekend and they ‘re expecting a large group of people who are coming and leaving.

In the last five years the number of visitors to Amsterdam doubled to over 17 million. Slightly more then half of the visitors are coming from abroad and more then a third is mostly visiting Amsterdam for the museums and attractions. Almost an equal part of the visitors has “Fun and entertainment” as main motivation for visiting the capital of The Netherlands.

busiest weekend

Not only the city of Amsterdam is fully crowded. Also the holiday season at Schiphol Airport is expecting the busiest weekend of the year. Schiphol expects during this weekend 453,000 passengers who are traveling true, from or to the airport. In the months July and August they expect approximately 8,5 million passengers, that’s an average of 137.000 passengers per day! Last year the number of passengers was nearly 9.6 million passengers in the same period.

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Schiphol has his own “Welcome Teams” to guide the travellers and answer their questions. Besides that, they’re sharing free ice creams and water during the busiest weekend of the summer! All the departure halls have old-fashioned carts where you can get your ice cream. Because of the extra crowds Schiphol advises travelers to arrive in time. Travelers should consider longer waiting times. This time limit can be achieved by using the self-service kiosks or to check in over the internet. That means that you also need to be on time with your taxi, because also at the parking it would be a busy happening!

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