Vacation Adventures You’ll Never Forget!

Ever thought about planning a vacation to Jamaica? But it still didn’t happen yet? We will tell you exactly why you should go there! Besides the wonderful white beaches, the lovely weather and Bob Marley, you can explore the best Jamaica vacation adventures and the best jungle activities ever!

Jamaica vacation adventures

The Dunn’s River Falls

When you think of Jamaica vacation adventures, you’ll probably think about chilling at the beach. Walking true the city and meet the locals. Of course, you can do that! But after you’re done, we would like to take you to the jungle of this amazing island. We understand you would love to see some Bob Marley things when you stay in Jamaica. So we would like to take you to Nine Mile, the home of the music legend himself. Here you will learn about the life of Bob Marley and see where he is born. After that, we’ll continue to the Dunn’s River Falls and there is where you can start your Jamaica vacation adventures!

Jamaica vacation adventures

Tubing Down the River

After a short ride from the Dunn’s River Falls you arrive at the White River. Together with your friends, family and other people you’ll start tubing down the river! On your way down you will go through seven rapids and placid pools that are hidden in the beautiful Jamaican jungle where the tropical scenery is amazing! Not only tubing, you could also go for the wilder adventure and take a kayak on the Rio Bueno River!

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 Jamaica vacation adventures

Bamboo Rafting

If you would love to do something romantic with your partner you could go bamboo rafting from Falmouth. This is an amazing trip down the Martha Brae River with breath-taking scenery on your bamboo raft pulled by your own raft captain. Enjoy the view with your loved one while you’re floating true the most beautiful nature of Jamaica.

Jamaica vacation adventures

The Jamaican Bobsled

And for our rougher types we got the last but not least; bobsled adventure! The rainforest lift will take you up till 700 feet high to the mountaintop. The ride will take your 2,1 km true the jungle where you can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the lovely nature. The Jamaican Bobsled is a one of a kind 10-minute ride through 1500 meters of tropical rain forest at 28 mph downhill a track. This will totally be an adrenaline kick and a ride you won’t forget!

Jamaica vacation adventures

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