10 Reasons Why You Should go Abroad for a While


Discover yourself & Go Abroad

When you’re living in another country you could discover things you’re good at, or maybe not. Maybe you’ll discover something you like to do, that you never thought about when you lived back home. You will become a new person, with a fresh look on all the new stuff around you. Go abroad, explore the environment and discover yourself!

Learn about other cultures

When you’re at home you can learn about other cultures, but it will be different. When you live between them, you really get to know the culture. You live like one and eventually you will copy their manners. Even if you don’t want to copy, you will! You can also learn about your own culture by seeing your home culture in another point of view. In this way you could develop your own view, instead of accepting those defined by where you happen to come from.

Get independent and grown up

Living somewhere else while you go abroad means that you’ll live without your family and friends. And if you still live with your parents… a whole new world opens. You have to do everything yourself; the laundry, cooking, groceries and spending money. But that also means that nobody tells you what to do and at what time you have to get home. You can eat whenever you want and you can sleep whenever you want. By living alone you are getting much more independent and you will learn to make your own decisions.

Make friends for a lifetime

New home, new friends. You will get to know a lot of new people. You’re going to make new friends that you will never forget! The moments and adventures that you share with them will be hilarious and so much fun! You may not like every person you meet, but you’ll make at lot of friends that always keep in touch with you after you get back home.


Don’t forget about your resume. A study, work of internship abroad is a great addition on your resume. If you are able to explore a new country, picking up international skills, get a job or you’ll have decent grades, you are a pretty interesting candidate.

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Lifetime experience

When you live in another country for a while, you will NEVER forget that experience. And believe me, you’re going to talk about it every single time. You’re friends will get sick of it, but who cares! You just had a lifetime experience, an experience that made you the person you are today.

Appreciate smaller things

At your hometown you got everything you need. But when you’re going abroad, you cannot bring all your stuff. That means that you have to make decisions what to bring with you and what to leave behind. Your new residential address will make you appreciate smaller things. The iPod that u used everyday at home, is never touched during your stay abroad.

Discover a new lifestyle / food

Everything is going to be different. People talk different and got different standards. Maybe they sleep much longer in the morning then you are used to, or the other way around. Al these things are there for you to find out. You’ll definitely discover things that you really like, and also some that you don’t. Not only the standards, also the food is different. Try it out and maybe learn to make it yourself!

Learn a new language

This is something that you will do automatically. You won’t speak it fluent like the local persons, but you will be able to pick up some words and sentences after a while. How awesome is it that you can understand another language. Maybe u can use it in your further career!

Be spontaneous en go on adventures

Don’t sit back and relax all the time. Get out of your comfort zone and go outside to discover the country. Besides studying and work you also have a lot of time to travel true the country and discover al the beautiful places!

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