Floating Airport on Sea

Floating airport, did you ever heard about it? It sounds so futuristic that you wouldn’t think it’s real. But what if it becomes reality, could you imagine that? It seems that the idea already existed back in 1930. 

Floating Airport

Airports are huge and they need a lot of space. But not everyone has that kind of space to build the airport they need. There are islands that have an airport, but also need the space that it’s taken. In that case they start to create something new, but what could solve this problem? Seeking for solutions, planners will sometimes get their ideas to the sea. What if they make an airstrip that is floating on the sea? There is plenty of room for that!

The idea sounds like something new in the travel world, but don’t forget that there is already something similar. Think about the aircraft carriers and warships, they also have floating plane decks over the sea. Now you’re probably thinking; why don’t we make the same as they have? Unfortunately, that’s not going to work. The aircrafts they use are much faster then the commercial craft. Their decks are too small, which means that they cannot take-off or land on such a small airstrip. But what if we refine the ships en redesign it for the commercial craft? Strip the engines, anchor it on a set location and make it wider and longer so it’s big enough to land on. The result would be a large floating airport!

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Floating Airport

The concept is clear, but how about the costs? It is true that building an airport is expensive. That is going to be much more expensive when you build a floating airport on water. Therefore it is not a surprise that it’s still not able to become reality. There are prices between $20 billion and $63 billion! After decades of studies it seems that it’s not impossible to create. Its ultimate development and application is not a matter of technology, but more of getting the economics right. When the money is sure, the floating airport could be reality one day!

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