Top 5 Sunny Places to Visit in December

The festive season in December is a great time for people, to travel around the world. If you are living in a cold region, now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy cheap holidays in a warm and sunny place. In the following, we ae going to share our top locations to escape the holiday crowds.

Cartagena, Colombia

This port city at Colombia’s Caribbean Coast offers warm weather, stunning beaches and a fascinating history. It is surrounded by ancient stone walls, which is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of course, a romantic walk in the snow might be appealing, but who wouldn’t want to spend their Christmas holidays in a city like this? Furthermore, you can enjoy delicious food, from street food to upper class restaurant. Furthermore, the city becomes a festival of light in December, with festive decoration combined with local culture, making this to an unforgettable experience.

Cape Town, South Africa

In December the crowds of the peak summer have died out in Cape Town and you can enjoy this amazing city in peace. In addition, the sun is not burning anymore but it is still warm and dry with chilly evenings. Furthermore, the temperature doesn’t go below 20C during the European Winter. Once in Cape Town, you should definitely enjoy the view from the Table Mountains. With 3,500 meters above the sea level it offers an amazing look over the city. The top can be reached with the famous cableway or by hiking for the adventurous of you.

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures rarely falling below 27C at day. However, there are two seasons, dry and rain. Whereas the dry season starts in December and goes until April. Here, the temperatures are also slowly rising. This means, if you want to enjoy the perfect summer weather, you should think about going early in December. The days are not unbearably hot and the nights are comfortably cool. Krabi Town offers funky bars, Western restaurants and traditional Asian markets, where you can also do some Christmas shopping.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Stretching around Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta is one of the top destinations in this country. Every year, millions of people come here to enjoy the sandy beaches and stylish restaurants in its cobblestone center. Here, you can also gaze at the historical Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church. After sunset, the city becomes even more alive. Along the cobblestone streets you can enjoy an amazing nightlife in numerous bars and clubs.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Placed at the edge of the Sahara Desert, Morocco stays warm throughout winter. Also, this happens to be the cheapest time to fly into this beautiful oriental country. For a sunny city break Marrakesh is the perfect opportunity. Here you can enjoy the market with colourful spices, culinary delicacies, fresh juices and many traditional cafes. The historical center also offers many opportunities to buy your beloved ones a Christmas present. You will be amazed by the huge offer the market has. Go and convince yourself!

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