7 Tips for Traveling as a Couple

Are you going on a vacation with you lover? Is this the first time? Traveling the world with someone can be amazing. You share the same memories, have hilarious moments and explore new things together. But lets be honest, traveling as a couple is not always rainbows and butterflies. We are giving you some tips to prepare yourselves for the first vacation together.

Traveling as a Couple

Make a plan

You and your partner are going on a trip. Don’t forget that you are not the same person; you don’t like the same things. That’s why it is very important to plan your travel together. Both of you are spending your money and time to do something you want to be an amazing experience. If you do not come to terms the first pass, do not give up! Each of you makes a list with 10 places you would like to go together. After that, you can compare the list and see if there are any matches. If not, make a new one!


Traveling as a couple can be different than you’ve expected. Maybe you want to do other things then your partner would like. Sometimes you have to give up some things because there is not much time left. The other person also wants to do things he or she likes. That’s why you have to compromise. Try to take a look at the time you have at your destination. How many of the things you would like to do, fit in your time schedule? You and your partner could also make a list with some things you want to do. Schedule in one each person until you have filled in your time. Both of you should be happy and excited for the trip you are planning.


Maybe you both have the same budget, and then it is going to be easy. But what if you don’t? Discuss this item before you go on your trip. Maybe you, or your partner, do not earn the same. The person with the higher income want’s to stay in a 4 star hotel and the person with the lower income wants to stay in a bed and breakfast. That is not going to work if you don’t have the money for that. Set a budget what you want to spend during the days. If the big spender really wants to go in the expensive hotel, then he/she should cover the difference. Set a daily budget together, because the topic money has to be avoid during your trip together.

Different setting, different you

When you are going to another country with different standards, where live other people and where is another way of living, you could change a bit. It is not weird that you become another person while your living in another environment. You have never seen anything like it, so your mind and body is going to react. You will discover other things you like or what you’re good at. Not only you, also your partner is going true that phase. That means that you both could change. Try to accept them and enjoy the new experience together while you’re traveling as a couple.

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Traveling as a Couple

Fun and Romance

Because you are so busy with seeing and discover new things, doesn’t mean you cannot have fun or be romantic. When you’re staying somewhere different, your surrounding can overwhelm you. But don’t forget your other half. Since you are in a new country, you can also discover new things that you can’t do at home. Maybe you’re living in a cold country without a beach. Then you could go and have a romantic picnic! Or maybe go roller-skating together true a huge park, which could be fun and romantic also. Have fun and enjoy life together!

Take some time alone while youre traveling as a couple

This is not only necessary at home, also on a vacation. Don’t do everything together with your partner, that’s not healthy. Do some things alone, or with a friend you’ve got to know during your trip. It keeps your relationship strong. You both have different things you like and it’s not wrong to do them! Even if your partner doesn’t like to do them, it’s something YOU like. Also your partner has some things you don’t like or want to do. Let them be there happy self and do the things they love. Traveling as a couple can have the feeling you’ll become one person. And you’re not! It could feel weird and lonely when you are apart, but you’ll also have a chance to miss him/her.


The list above sounds so serious (it is), but you also need to RELAX! Make some time to do the things above and the rest of the time is to sit back en chill. You’re on a vacation, which means you can make road trips, get your feet in the sand while you enjoy the sunset with your lover and a cocktail in your hand. That sounds like a perfect moment! Have some fun on your vacation and go on some great adventures.

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