7 Game of Thrones Sites to See in Dubrovnik

If you can’t get enough Game of Thrones, you’ll love seeing the show sites in real life. The best place to visit for this kind of tourism is Dubrovnik, as it’s full of filming locations. True fans will get a kick out of exploring this Croatian city based on the T.V show. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 7 Game of Thrones sites to see while in Dubrovnik.

Fort Lovrijenac


Fans will recognize this site pretty quickly as the Red Keep in King’s Landing. Seasons two and three are where this ancient fort appears most frequently. Remember the scene when Tyrion slaps King Joffrey across the face after attacking him at Pile Gate? This fort is where the king is trying to get to. It is also the site of King Joffrey’s naming ceremony where they have a celebratory ceremony during season two. You’ll also recognize it from season three’s first episode when Bronn asks for his pay to be doubled by Tyrion.

Gradac Park

This park can be found right next to Dubrovnik’s old town. It is best recognized from the second episode of season four as the scene of the Purple Wedding feast. It was here that King Joffrey was poisoned.


Jesuit Staircase

This staircase has played important roles across multiple seasons. It was featured in the first episode of season 5 as the meeting ground for people to pay their respects to Tywin Lannister. They are used as the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor, and also as part of Cersei’s walk of shame in season five. During filming times, the cafes and shops near these steps were shut down and paid extras were brought in by the hundreds to fill the streets.

Dubrovnik City Walls

These walls make an appearance in the show countless times. During the season three premier, Podrick, Tyrion, and Bronn are seen walking along the walls as workers are making repairs after the Battle of Blackwater. They also make an appearance in season six when Marcella’s body is being transported by ship to the King’s Landing.

Minčeta Tower

This is the highest point in the city and also a filming location for the show. You may recognize it from season two when it was used as the House of the Undying in Quarth. This is when Daenerys Targaryen is looking for her dragons that were stolen, and scans the tower looking for the entrance in the walls.


Ethnographic Museum


This 16th century museum is known in the show as Littlefinger’s Brothel. Visitors may recognize it from season four when Oberyn Martell meets Tyrion looking to seek revenge for the death of his sister and her children. In real life, this museum features agricultural artifacts, folk costumes, and exhibits.

Hotel Belvedere

Located just outside of Dubrovnik, this abandoned hotel served as the location for the fight between The Mountain and Prince Oberyn. There’s a small amphitheater here that you’ll recognize right away if you paid attention to this thrilling scene in the finale of season four.


Start with this list if you want to revisit scenes from your favorite show. Dubrovnik is full of them so you’ll find even more to explore once you’ve crossed these off the list. You can book your taxi from Dubrovnik airport here.