Is a Last-Minute Really Cheaper?

A last-minute vacation, is that really cheaper? What is the best moment to book a ticket? The opinions are divided. The one thinks it is cheaper, the other thinks that’s better to book your vacation early. Online Travel Company Expedia has teamed up with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and researched the best period to book your vacation. The research includes information from nearly eight billion flight data around the world.

Best moment to book

What is the best moment to book a ticket and what are the best days to fly? All have influence on the price. It is cheaper to book a ticket over the weekend and to fly on a weekday. Expedia’s research also pointed out that prices would fall again in 2016. The prices were falling before, between the year 2014 and 2015, by eight per cent compared to the previous year. The decrease is expected to continue this year. The cause of the price drop would result from growing airlines, low oil prices and the strong dollar!

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But what is the best option, booking a package tour or to arrange all components separately? Financial you would do better with booking a package holiday. You would save about 120 euro with a trip outside Europe. When you choose to travel within Europe and stay at least 7 days, you would save quite a lot. You would get a discount as big as the price of the flight.

The price of a vacation depends on several factors. A last-minute deal is not necessarily cheaper than a vacation that is booked much earlier. The research shows that the cheapest tickets are booked approximately 140 days (4,5 month) before departure. So that would be the best time to book your holiday in advance.

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