Best waterfalls in Europe

There are so many waterfalls across europe and they all have their own speciality. Europe is home to some of the most impressive ones in the world and most tourist guides don’t really tell you about the hidden treasure of europe, that is the waterfalls. Read about some of the favorite falls here before seeing them firsthand on your trip to europe. Waterfalls that are more than just a bit of water flowing down over a cliff. In no particular order,here are the top picks

Rhine falls, Switzerland

The rhine falls is the biggest waterfalls in europe which is located near the village of neuhausen in Northern Switzerland. The rhine falls overwhelms you with it’s natural beauty and it’s worth your time. If you are visiting switzerland, you definitely should not miss the opportunity to visit the magnificent falls. If you want to experience the falls even closer, you can take a boat tour on the rhine.the tours can take upto 10 to 30 minutes, depending on which one you choose.

Seven Sisters waterfall, Norway

The name of the waterfalls comes from the fact that it consists of seven separate streams and also when seen from a distance the waterfalls can resemble the hair of seven women, hence it has been called “the seven sisters”.  It is located along the geirangerfjorden. You can take a boat or kayak to get to the waterfalls. The waterfalls are naturally more visible during the snow melting period in may-july.

Skógafoss, Iceland

Skógafoss is one of iceland’s biggest and most beautiful waterfalls. They produce a lot of drizzle so one will be able to see beautiful rainbows on sunny days. The land below the waterfall is very flat, allowing tourists to walk right up to the wall of water. You will get drenched, although, on a summer’s day, it can be quite tempting thing to do. Skógar is a place to explore the natural diversity of the south or, if the weather is good, to spend a holiday amid beautiful and rugged landscapes.

Gavarnie falls, France

Gavarnie falls is the tallest waterfall in France. It reaches a height of 422 meters. Gavarnie falls is also called as grande cascade de gavarnie locally. The force of waterfall brings down a cold air from above. Due to this at the base of falls in spring and early summer, the stream goes under it, forming a snowbridge. The waterfall is the beginning of the gave de pau stream. The best way to experience the gavarnie falls is by taking the trail that meanders through the valley up to the base of the falls. You can see the falls for much of the trail hike, which only gets bigger as you get closer. Book your trip to this beautiful sight right now in our website.

Krimml waterfalls, Austria

The gorgeous scenery of the hohe tauern national park is your backdrop when hiking from the little village of Krimml, in the province of Salzburg, to central europe’s tallest waterfalls: The Krimml waterfalls. Krimml waterfalls is located in salzburg state. The Krimml waterfalls plunge about 1,246 feet down into the depth it’s austria’s tallest waterfall and one of the most visited attractions there. The three stages of the hike, starting in the village of Krimml, take you to ever more spectacular views of the falls and the surrounding countryside. The surrounding scenery in Hohe Tauren National Park is incredible and it is worth the visit. Krimml waterfall is open from may to october each year.