Places to visit in Egypt

Are you currently planning a trip? And are you wondering what are the best places to visit in Egypt? You are probably not alone. Egypt has gigantic monuments as old as 6.000 years and Cairo, with its 22 million inhabitants certainly has to offer an abundance of unique landmarks and tourist attractions as well. Here there is a massive list of the best things to see in Egypt. This is not your standard list of pretty pictures of the pyramids. You will discover the favorite landmarks in Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx

No trip to Egypt is complete without visiting the Pyramids of Giza. It truly is and will always remain THE must see in Egypt. While there are over 120 pyramids in the country of the Pharaohs, the ones around the Giza necropolis are the largest, (almost) the oldest and certainly the most perfect ones. There are many camel rides available around the Pyramids. Best come with a local guide who can show you around.

You can even get inside the pyramids, but you will need an extra ticket. The climb inside the Pyramid of Kofu is somewhat claustrophobic, sharply sloped and it will be very hot inside. There isn’t much to see, except an empty coffin.

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The famous Sphinx is located a little lower in the valley and you must absolutely visit it. This monument is ancient. There are a sound and light show (a little kitsch) every night.

Valley of the King

Every people know The dry & preserving Egyptian climate and the elaborate burial practices of the Pharaohs. You probably have heard of Tutankhamun and Ramses II, but they certainly weren’t the only Pharaohs from the so-called New Kingdom. They all have something in common though: They were buried in the valley of Kings on the west bank of Luxor.

To see all those reliefs and murals from 4,500 years ago is truly a sight like no others. Certainly one of the best places to visit in Egypt!

The murals are so clear with such intense colors it is impossible to believe they are so ancient. It really pays off to get a local guide or at least read a bit about the Ancient Egyptian burial practices in advance.

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Temple of Philae

The temple of Philae is the single most intact temple in all of Egypt. It is also the site where the last hydrographs were ever written. Philae is located on a small island just a few kilometers in front of the grand Aswan High Dam. It is the most beautiful Place in Egypt!

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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is one of those hard to reach historical sites in Egypt. You can either take a plane from Aswan, it is about 1 hour, or you can take the bus or a taxi; it is about 3-4 hours each way. Ramesses II built it as a visual sign of his authority over the Nubians.

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Snorkeling/diving in the Red Sea

Egypt has a lot of famous snorkeling hotspots on the Red Sea. Most of the resorts are spectacular and considerably cheap so quite popular among European vacationers). But no matter if you pick a luxury hotel or not, you will have access to the beautiful and incredibly colorful maritime life of the Red Sea.

Cairo Citadel

In Cairo, you absolutely have to visit the old citadel with it’s imposing Muhammad Ali Mosque. It’s often called the Alabaster Mosque due it’s exterior of alabaster tiles. So you have to visit the Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque inside the Cairo Citadel. You can admire the beautiful view of the city, this is just stunning. You must put it in your list of things to do in Egypt.

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Nile Cruise

A Nile cruise is the best way to get in contact with ancient Egypt. All Pharaonic structures and historical places in Egypt can be found on the grand river’s sides. Not many cruise lines are still operating with the decline of the tourists in recent years. You could do a cruise for example on the Oberoi Zahra. You will appreciate the luxury of this unique riverboat. It is not really cheap, but they offer the best excursions, their food is safe and high-quality.

Visit a Bazaar

The Bazaar is often close to the mosque, and sellers showcase their wares, like souvenirs, spices, and clothes. It can be found in copious amounts, with a barbershop and some cafés sprinkled in between. The sounds, light, and smells are quite dazzling, and it’s one of the best things to do in modern Egypt.

Be careful, the local vendors are extremely good at charming you into buying stuff.

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Visit a Nubian Village

One of the boarding countries of the pre-dynastic Egypt was Nubia.

Ramesses and many other Pharaohs conquered the Nubians, yet they do remain as a distinct ethnic minority within Egypt until this day.

Their villages are located in the south. On the Elephantine island, In Aswan, is their largest settlement. The buildings are way more colorful, as are their traditional garments, and it’s certainly one of the unique things to do in Egypt.

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