10 reasons to visit corsica

Corsica situated in the south of France, and called the beauty Island, is a really amazing destination.

The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte has a volatile history and heritage to discover and even more. The island drops into the Mediterranean climate zone, therefore, promises mild climate all year round. In summer its beaches and resorts are the main attraction here. Also, the cuisine is exquisite: fresh ingredients will please even the pickiest gourmet.

An island abounding in natural beauty and fascinating tradition, it’s incredible to think that even today Corsica can still feel like something of a hidden gem. Whether it’s a long sandy beach, a dramatic mountain pass or a beautiful hilltop village, Corsica holidays are packed full of rewarding things to do and see.

So why to go there?

Corsica features great nature, historic architecture, exquisite cuisine. Tourists can go hiking and explore architecture as well as relax on the pristine soft sandy beaches.

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1.  The first reason is indisputably the beaches

With almost 200 beaches and 1000km of coastline, Corsica is a beach lover’s dream.

The island is blessed with an incredible diversity of beaches from intimate hidden coves to magnificent bays.

If you are searching for amazing beaches with an exotic touch, Corsica has plenty to offer. One of my favorites is the one you can reach from Saint Florent by boat only, “the Loto Beach “. Also, great beaches are around the golf of Porto-Vecchio, like Sant Giulia or Tamarricciu. You can find the famous Palombaggia Beach. Don’t forget to organize a midnight picnic at the beach when the full moon shines the brightest, those moments are the best! You can find islands by boat like Lavezzi Island.

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2. There are the beautiful nature and scenery

The color of the water will make you doubt your eyes – you can see right through it. The sea is warm, it feels gentle, you can come out of the water, skip the shower and go straight to the bar without feeling the salty tightness. The sun here rhymes with water – it’s soft, yet will give you the tan that lasts for months. All the pictures you take will look as if you have photoshopped yourself into some kind of a vintage postcard.

Corsica is the good compromise between beaches and mountains. They are calling. Waves are pushing. The nature of Corsica is unbelievable and one hard to not fall in love with. Looking at the rich number of mountains that define the surface of Corsica you’ll find yourself having a number of moments at the top of viewpoints. The woods, the highs and lows of the island and of course the water hitting the cliffs and the waves hitting the beaches are definitely something you must see for yourself. One big love for the nature of Corsica.

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3. You should visit Corsica for the peace

The first hotel in Corsica we stayed at turned out to be one of my favorite hotels I have ever slept in. Surrounded by nothing more than mountains and a little creek this boutique hotel (Hotel Les Jardins de la glaciers) gave me all the peace I wanted and needed. But of course, it’s not only this hotel that will give you peace in Corsica.

High in the mountains and deep in the woods you’ll find quietness. Some beaches are not as busy as others and the inland villages are extremely quiet – nearly not as touristic as the coastal cities. You won’t see more tourists than you’ll see locals, and you’ll love those cities for it. Corsica will definitely give you peace and it will make you calm.

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4. You have to go there for the beauty of villages

Corsica is a great spot to see old beautiful villages. At the ocean front, you’ll walk into the oldest cities with the riches history. You’ll walk through the old parts of town, seeing their old castles and houses, while at the harbor you get in touch with the more ‘newer’ and touristic side of town.

The villages you’ll find higher up in the mountains and in the middle of the island will give you a completely different experience. They are more conservative, they are quiet, smaller and above all: impressive.

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 5. So many activities to do in Corsica

While being one of the best locations for getting some peace of mind, Corsica for some reason also is one of the best locations to get active. As the home of one of Europe’s most difficult hiking routes (GR20), it is no surprise that Corsica is a good destination for the active traveler. Even if you are not able to hike the full trail (which takes about two weeks), or simply do not want to, you can do a day. These day hikes lead you to a beautiful viewpoint or an amazing lake, definitely worth the effort! Next, to hiking, Corsica is a great island for water sports, rafting, canyoning and skiing in winter! You can do scuba diving to see all the beautiful fishes! Also, for those who are interested, Corsica is one of the best places in Europe for a motor tour trip.

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6. Corsica is known for the delicious food

Corsican restaurants are bursting with flavors and generous portions. A true Mediterranean heaven of seafood, wine, and artisan ice-cream will leave your plate satisfied yet ready and full of energy to carry on with the day. The food scene is plentiful and is loved by the harshest critics: the locals. Everything feels really authentic: the taste, the surrounding and the pace.

If you are here for the seafood, delicious pasta and typical Italian coffee, the best thing you can do is arrive by boat from France and pick a big harbor city like Bastia, because Bastia has it all. There you will see great colonial architecture blended in with the urban rush, very big steamboats and the lush full palm trees.

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7. There are so many wonderful cities in Corsica

Bonfacio is part of one of the cities in Corsica to visit if you want to be surrounded by the amazing combination of great architecture and great landscape, all this with a fantastic view over the Mediterranean Sea. It was the first city where the rocky cliffs are close to the deep water and made the impossible possible to descend on a tall rock and just ” be one with the sea”. It was one of my favorite moments. Also go on a boat and explore the city from afar. You will be surprised how many hidden gems are in the city. You could be charmed by Porto-Veccho in the south of the Island, with a beautiful architecture, amzing beaches or with the big contrast between sea and mountains.

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 8. So much to explore

In Ajaccio there is one of the biggest Natural Park where you get to experience giant Land Turtles from up close. Many, many species are brought from all around the globe and are kept in their natural habits so you and your friends can visit them. I do recommend spending a whole day there, since you might get the chance to find one that is big enough to carry you.

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9. You will admire so many views

Corsica has a lot of soft and sandy beaches but if you are here in search of great views you will find that the cities are built on slopes and mountains so there is always an amazing view, no matter which side of the island you pick to explore. You can see one of the best in Porto-Vecchio, with a view leading to the sea and the boats. If you are searching for something special, more related to the landscapes, go to Aleria and head for the Roman Ruins, the view over the city is amazing!

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 To discover « Desert Des Agriates

Situated between la Balagne and St Florent, the Désert des Agriates is an area of arid landscape and savage beauty. The highlights here include the deserted beaches of Saleccia and Loto, with their curves of pearl-white sand and crystal clear water, these are some of the finest beaches to visit during Corsica holidays, offering the perfect picture-postcard scenery.

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