6 cheap destinations to travel around europe in 2018

In Europe, there are many destinations to visit on a small budget. There is something for everyone! Sun, beaches, warm or cold weather, historic and modern cities. You can be sure that there are many things to do and discover in Europe, in many countries and cities at a fair price.

Here we have the top of 6 destinations In Europe!

Budapest, Hungary


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This is one of the cheapest cities to discover! For 4 days in Budapest, if you book a minimum in advance, it will cost around utmost 190 euros with flight, accommodation if you opt for an Airbnb, food and restaurants and evening parties! This amazing city offers so many historic sites to see: the views of the city are so unbelievable and this is a city which is everywhere illuminated by night. You can walk along the Danube and see the Fisherman Bastion or Széchenyui Baths outside in the heart of the city.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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The bills are negligible in the city of Sofia: You can pay 1 euro for one beer, for example. It is very cheap and you can discover specialties with Balkan Bites Food Tours, free visits to the best local restaurants. You could visit The famous Alexandre Nevski Cathedral, The Ivan Vazov National Theater for historical Monuments and you can admire Vitosha Mountain in Sofia.

Prague, Czech Republic

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If you go around the capital, you could choose the bus, it is cheap to move around. You could eat easy for 5 euros in the restaurant in the heart of the city, and drink a beer for less than 2 euros. We will visit the beautiful castle of Prague and the Charles Bridge which are wonderful sights! Book your transfer from and to the airport here.

Lisbon, Portugal

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This is the oldest town in Western Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Lisbon’s rich and varied architecture is just the beginning of its cultural gems, which also include a substantial number of top art museums, film festivals, and theaters. Often overlooked by tourists, Lisbon rivals other, more expensive European destinations such as Madrid, Paris, and Barcelona for its beauty and culture. On the spot, go up into one of the old trams to cross the old districts.

Napoli, Italy

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There are regular flights to Campania, in Italy, for less 100 euros for a round trip. The average cost for a cappuccino is around 1,50 euros and you can find delicious pizzas for around 8 euros. Think of Napoli free visit by local people to discover the city and her history.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The ramparts and the old port town around the Adriatic sea charm every people. I invite you to discover this city where you can go aboard of a boat to the Lokrun Island at less than 15 euros. You could find also cheap Airbnb.

We are going to give you a bonus for your pleasure! Let’s go to the cheapest destinations all around the world!

 If you plan your next destination based on what are the most affordable countries to travel, you will like this post. There are so many possibilities but we give you just the top of 10 destinations in the world where you can travel at low prices.


Indonesia is without a doubt one of the most affordable countries to travel. As well as being cheap it is also super stunning with surf beaches, rice paddies sprawling metropolises and beautiful islands. Your time in Indonesia will for sure be one to remember.

Thanks to cheap and delicious street food, super affordable backpacker hostels and the low cost to hire a motorbike, it is no doubt Indonesia is a backpackers paradise. You can even find yourself in a private bungalow for the same price as a hostel bed in Western Europe!

Staying in touristy Bali and eating at restaurants catering for western tourist will result in you breaking the bank!

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Nepal is known as the price friendly country in the world. Hostels are in all major towns and if you are getting off the beaten track you will be able to find an affordable guesthouse with no issue. The perfect country for the adventurous, Nepal will keep you constantly busy. Whether that is exploring a new city, hiking or checking out rhinos in the amazing Chitwan National Park. Home of the Himalayas and one of the best trekking scenes it is the perfect place to do shopping, with knock-off Patagonia and North Face clothing for cheap.

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Cuba is welcoming travelers and sharing their amazing culture. This is why it has been added to the cheapest countries for 2018 list. Prices are currently affordable, though being a growing destination which has dramatically increased in popularity, the costs are beginning to reflect this.

Enjoy the sun, sand, cigars and vintage cars as you explore this amazing country. Check out the Paladres for cheap eats and great food, which will be a great relief to your budget as accommodation prices in Cuba are on the rise. The drawback is that the plane ticket is expensive.

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Mexico is one of the best destinations in the world for cheap travel! And it has everything like mountains, waterfalls, beaches, surfing, deserts. Even in the most expensive tourist areas, you can get street food for cheap as chips and hostels for a steal. If you want it to be cheap, easy, if you want to do something luxurious, well that’s easy too! Mexico is a city for all kinds of budgets!

The average street food stall will cost you around $2 USD for a decent bit of food. In the restaurants, you’ll be looking at between $7 to $20 for food and drinks. Beers bought in the Oxxo general stores are around $1 USD a bottle. When drinking at the bars you’re looking at about $5 USD per drink. For backpacker hostels, you can find some good ones for around $10 a night.

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Egypt is an amazing travel destination and is very easy for budget travel even in major cities. Hostels in Cairo start at around $4 USD and are even cheaper in the rest of the country. The easiest and most efficient way to get around is using Uber as it is cheaper than taxis.

There is no limit of amazing activities to do in Egypt and almost all of them cost $5-10, including the Pyramids of Giza. Every price is negotiable which makes it easier to find a bargain, especially with the low numbers of tourists in Egypt at the moment.

Food is incredibly cheap both on the street and at local and more Western-style restaurants. Overall a backpacker could be very comfortable on $20 a day including an attraction.

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