The Best Places to Travel in June

In June the climate in the Northern Hemisphere begins to warm up, and people start to get more excited about traveling, whether it’s sunbathing and enjoying the beaches or just strolling around and getting to know the cities, museums and tourist attractions.

This period is also suitable for travel because many destinations are still not very expensive nor as full as in the high season, which is the summer.

Regardless of where you live and where to travel, what’s important is to have a relaxing vacation, enjoy your chosen destination and enjoy it very much.

The Best Places to Travel in June

Barcelona – Spain

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Vibrant and lively, the city impresses tourists for its great works scattered throughout the city, from the colors of Park Güell to the imposing Sagrada Familia. Its architectural richness, which goes by great names like Gaudí and Domènech. Montaner, is one of the main tourist attractions. The mild climate of June favors walking tours and breaks to indulge in sangrias and Spanish tapas. Schedule your transfer to and from Barcelona airport.


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Although the town gets a bit crowded in the month of June, it is a good option to tour. It is necessary to make reservation of lodging well in advance to get good prices. To enjoy the city you can spend hours in a casino or even rent a luxury convertible and stroll the streets of Monaco. You can check the best thinks to do in Monaco here.

Aarhus, Denmark


The city is one of the two cities that was named European capitals of culture for 2017. It is a great option to get away from crowded Copenhagen. The city besides beautiful, has many English speakers, which ensures good communication with tourists.

Beijing – China

For more than 800 years, Beijing was the capital of China and today is one of the most modern cities. From there it is possible to know its historical legacy, passing through the period of the empire, by the monumental Great Wall of China, which has 6437.4 km, reaching the apex of economic growth and contemporary wonders. Temperatures are mild in this period, with a minimum of 14ºC and a maximum of 28ºC, on average. You can book your transfer to and from Beijing airport here.


The beautiful European island attracts tourists who seek beautiful beaches, sun and heat. May may be a great option before the city gets crowded with tourists. Malta has been the scene of many films and has beyond beaches, lots of history, ancient temples, medieval towns and vineyards.

Cancun – Mexico

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One of the most sought after destinations in Mexico, Cancun has paradisiacal beaches that take in the Caribbean Sea, such as Dolphins, Turtles, Snails and Lobsters. But one of the coolest activities to do there is to visit the giant Xcaret park (learn more here) and the Underwater Museum (learn more here), with statues that can only be seen through diving.

Lille – France

Image: European Best Destinations

This charming French town is just an hour away from Paris and breathes art. The municipality has invested heavily in public arts with indoor and outdoor exhibitions, as well as a wonderful museum of modern art. Strolling through cobblestone streets is even more charming in the spring, when flowers are scattered throughout the city.

Edinburgh – Scotland

Have you thought about getting to know Scotland? Then start in Edinburgh, the city that starred in movies because of such films as The Da Vinci Code. Its medieval buildings, castles and palaces are Unesco World Heritage Sites. Its bustling cultural life offers concerts, plays, ballet performances and the world’s largest art festival, The Fringe. In June, the sun is at its peak and the flowers awaken from their beauty sleep, leaving the landscapes even more beautiful.

Prague – Czech Republic

One of the most important Eastern European cities, Prague is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings and imposing cathedrals scattered throughout the Old Town. Prague Castle is the largest palace complex in the world, with a thousand years of history marked on its bricks. Enjoy the month of June to go to the evening concerts during the Spring Festival

Canggu, Bali

This city on the southwest coast of Bali attracts surfers and tourists in search of a beautiful beach and lots of sun. In May/June there is an important surf competition in the region, which brings together professionals and amateurs for a fun weekend.

Lago di Como – Italy

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Lago di Como is a beautiful lake in Italy and a destination where you can have experiences with the local gastronomy. In addition, several hotels in the region are willing to provide you with incredible experiences.

La Paz – Bolivia

The months of May and August are the driest in La Paz, when it is winter, which is a good request to explore the destination at 3,660 meters above sea level. The month, together with December, is considered ideal to know one of the great attractions of the country, the magnificent Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world. The rainy season, however, is best if you wanted to see the mirrored sky on the ground – although the tours are more limited.

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