The best beaches to visit in Albufeira

Albufeira is one of the liveliest areas of the Algarve mainly due to its touristic vibe, some of the best beaches in the region stand out. See here what are, in our opinion, the best beaches in Albufeira and why should you visit them.

Arrifes Beach

Arrifes beach is known for its natural beauty. It is a small cove surrounded by pine trees and rock formations. The most typical image of this beach is the huge rock formations in front of the beach. It is an ideal beach for all those who like to discover and investigate because there are immense nooks and crannies, both outside and inside the water, that make the delight of divers or simple onlookers who like to discover nature.

St. Rafael Beach

This beautiful beach is very close to the city of Albufeira. It is a beach surrounded by steep rocks and small rock formations along the entire beach. The sand is golden and fine.

The beach of St. Rafael is excellent for diving. It has stairs and wooden ramps for access, restaurant, toilets and parking.

Coelha Beach

Praia da Coelha is about 5 km from Albufeira, very close to Castelo beach. It is a small cove sheltered between cliffs. Its crystalline waters and the protection provided by the rocks of the wind make this beach quite competitive.

Castelo Beach

Castelo Beach, also known as Guia Beach, is a small beach that is close to Albufeira.

The beach is bordered by two large rocky walls that shelter it from the wind. On the eastern side there is a rock formation that resembles the battlements of a castle, hence its name.

Evaristo Beach

This small, rocky beach is surrounded by small cliffs. The beach has easy access by road and at the end, there is an unordered park.

Next to the beach, there is a good restaurant specializing in fresh fish, the Evaristo Restaurant. This restaurant has a terrace where you can dine while admiring the sunset, it’s a true luxury.

Beach of Santa Eulália in the Olhos D’água

The beautiful beach of Santa Eulalia is one of the most beautiful and well cared for in the Algarve. This beach is surrounded by rocks and courts on the ground that creates a multitude of nooks where you can have some more privacy. But best of all is the cool environment as it is surrounded by greenery and a garden area with palm trees.

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