This Family Sold Everything And is Now Traveling The World!

Just leave and explore the world, that’s something that sounds like a dream for the most of us. Not for the Gee family! This couple traveling the world with their two kids. They decided to skip the regular lifestyle and go out to see the beauty of the world.

Traveling The World

Garret (entrepreneur) and Jessica (online marketer) met each other in a flower shop in Vladivostok, which is in Russia. After marriage they were going to take their relationship to the next step in life; “grow up” and settle down in their own build house. But no, these plans got a little twist. There was so much more to explore besides their future life and home.

Last year the entrepreneur sold his mobile scanning app to Snapchat, for at least $54 million. The family decided to start a bucket list because now was the time to form healthy habits and create traditions that will hopefully shape them in better people for the rest of their lives.

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The family started their bucket list with a travel of six months around the Pacific Ocean! Therefor they sold all of their belongings: cars, furniture and everything else. They started to call themselves The Bucket List Family and held a giant yard sale to sell everything except their photos. They’d earned $45.000 by selling all of their belongings.

The couple and their kids is now traveling the world and already have visited a wide range of beautiful places. They have been to The Bahamans, Indonesia, Fiji, Turks & Caicos and lots of more beautiful places. They started their own Instagram en YouTube channel where you can follow their adventures. And if that’s not enough, you can also visit their website where they are writing blogs about all the places they’ve been to.

“We travelled to Oregon to pretend like we were moving here and “settle down” for a bit. We enrolled Dorothy in preschool and gymnastic lessons and got into a consistent daily routine.”

They are not into settling down, but just wanted to feel like locals and live like them for a while. They hope that by traveling the world they can live a better life in the future, we wish them all the luck in the world!

Don’t forget to take a look on The Bucket List Family website

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