The One with Friends Around the World

The classic TV sitcom Friends was recently released on Netflix, and the newly available streaming of the hit show has got everyone watching and talking about the programme once again.

Like many sitcoms of its time, a key component of Friends is its New York location – the gang’s favorite coffee shop is even a twist on New York’s famous Central Park. While many of the show’s greatest moments take place in New York, many of the most memorable moments also take place all around the world, including Ross and Emily’s wedding in London, the gang’s trip to Las Vegas and Monica’s hair while dealing with the humidity in Barbados.

While reminiscing about the popular show, we thought it would be fun to create a nostalgic map of the greatest travel moments throughout the programme. Have a look at the graphic below to relive the Friends gang’s travels and maybe you will even be inspired to visit the destinations yourself for an epic Friends tour of the world.

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