Celebrating Easter in different countries

Easter is a national holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Nowadays there are a lot of different traditions happening during Easter all around the world. Today we will show you the different celebrations all around the world.

Easter in The Netherlands

One tradition that is celebrated in the Netherlands during Easter is that the parents hide chocolate eggs around the house and/or garden and the little children will look for them. The goal is to find the most chocolate eggs. After the chocolate eggs have been found usually the family gathers together to have a delicious brunch. In the East part of the Netherlands, several fires are made purposely, people get together and watch the enormous fires burn.


In Finland, the children dress up like witches and “beg” for chocolate eggs in the streets with witch make-up on their faces and scarves around their heads. Also in Finland, in the Western part of this Scandinavian country people burn bonfires on Easter Sunday. They believe that the flames ward off witches who fly around between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


In Poland, the tradition is to pour a bucket of water on one another. The tradition is called Śmigus-dyngus. On Easter Monday, boys try to drench other people with buckets of cold water. They will find anything to make other people wet. According to a Polish legend that girls who get wet during Easter will be married in one year.


During Easter in Italy, the residents of Florence celebrate Easter or Pasqua in Italian with a 350-year-old tradition called Scoppio del Carro meaning explosion of the cart. A very old cart is stuffed with fireworks and placed in front of the Duomo. Hundreds of spectators watch the fireworks go off. The meaning behind it is the peace and a good year ahead.


In the UK many communities have Easter performances of Morris dancing. Morris dancing is a traditional type of folk dance coming from the Middle Ages. Men dress up wearing hats and bells around their ankles and wave ribbons while dancing through the streets. They believe that the dances drive the spirits of the winter away and bring good luck only.

We wish you all a happy Easter and we are very curious how you are going to celebrate Easter!