Top places to visit this Easter

all need to take a quick break from work and school. Easter Holiday is the perfect time to book a flight and have a weekend getaway!

What is Easter?  Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, it’s also the oldest festival of Christians. It is celebrated on a Sunday between March and April. This year it will be the 1st of April, book your flights and have a long weekend break to release yourself from stress.


Barcelona is one of the top places to visit this Easter. Visit the most famous Gaudi’s work; La Sagrada Familia a picturesque cathedral inside and outside with its astonishing view and artwork. It has been under construction since 1882 with an estimate of 30 to 80 years before it was finished. So you can imagine how much work has been put into the cathedral, tourists always find themselves going back and are still amazed with how beautiful is the cathedral.

Another work of Gaudi is the Park Güell a colorful and bright park full of surprises with each and every detail of it. The park also remained unfinished but it is also recognized as one of the famous tourist spots in Barcelona. Don’t forget to book your tickets online to avoid long queues!


In a Caribbean climate, families take to the streets of Bermuda to fly homemade kites on Good Friday and then eat cod-cakes and buns decorated with a cross on top. According to legend, the cross-shaped kite depicts Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven, an idea created by a British Army teacher to explain the historical moment to his students. Is a nice thing to see and definitely a perfect place to visit.


Like Christmas, many European cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Prague and Warsaw fill their squares with colorful stalls selling food, crafts and all sorts of local Easter-inspired products. In these countries, the tradition is to paint the shell of boiled chicken eggs and participate in a competition where children and adults roll the eggs downhill. It is worth attending the liturgical masses in the beautiful churches, many of them with fantastic corals.


The Vatican offers free tickets to attend the Easter Sunday Mass with Pope Francis and listen to his traditional message of peace and hope called Urbi et Orbi. Tickets must be booked in advance by the Vatican website or in person, but arrive early, as tens of thousands of Christians congregate in St. Peter’s Square, and when the maximum capacity is reached, tickets are closed, even for those who have purchased a ticket.