5 Incredible Steak Restaurants in New York

NYC is known for many things, but high-end dining is at the top of the list. The steak houses in particular are some of the best in the world. If you want to visit New York and have a truly memorable dining experience, there’s a few places you need to check out. Here are five of the most incredible steak restaurants that The Big Apple has to offer.

Wells Steakhouse

Located in Long Island City, this steakhouse may be in a strange location, but guests think it’s well worth finding. Like a steakhouse speakeasy, this restaurant has no signage, but once you get inside, the place is usually buzzing. Expect exposed brick, antique chandeliers, and put-together waiters in black vests and neat white shirts. They serve up classic cuts and hearty side dishes like whipped potatoes, wedge salad, and foie gras. Their wine list is extensive, so you’ll always have something to pair with the steaks.

Porter House Bar and Grill 

Guests in this steakhouse will be treated to first-class service and trendy side dishes to accompany their meats. The chefs really take charge here and make sure to put together a well-rounded menu. The buttermilk onion rings are a must-try and a glass of wine is a give-in; especially because the list is so extensive. Grab a seat by the window to really get the full experience.

Keens Steakhouse

This is definitely one of the most interesting spots on the list. It’s decorated in a true Victorian style with white table cloths, wood finishing, warm lighting, and antique artwork. They own the world’s largest collection of churchwarden pipes and are known for their giant mutton chops. The establishment has been around since the 1800s and the atmosphere makes it seem like you’ve stepped back in history. They serve all the classics like fresh oysters, shrimp cocktail, lobster, dry-aged meats, and an array of potato options.


Gallagher’s Steakhouse

This NYC institution is located in the heart of the city, right by Times Square. It’s the kind of place where Wall Street Execs toast their achievements, and where celebrities are often sighted. They have an impressive raw bar with lobster cocktail and Littleneck clams. Try the Ribeye or the Porterhouse, you won’t be disappointed. The Scottish salmon and broiled Swordfish are incredible options too.

Old Homestead Steakhouse

Located in the center of the meatpacking district, this steakhouse has been operating since the 1800s. Its flashy, colorfully lit signage will draw you in. They offer some of the world’s finest cuts of beef so make sure to try the Gotham Rib Steak on the bone, the filet mignon wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon, or the center cut sirloin. They also have an impressive raw bar, a superb seafood selection, and an array of juicy burgers.


New York City has no shortage of steak restaurants. In fact, there are so many that a list of five is difficult to curate. But, this selection is some of the best of the best so start here first, and if you’re really keen to try out the delicious NY steaks, then you could order your taxi from JFK straight to the steakhouse!