6 of the best Cafes in Rome

This ancient city is a hotspot for espresso, cappuccino, and a small bite to eat. The cafe scene in Rome is thriving with cultured, yet unpretentious eateries that serve up steamy cups of caffeinated bliss. If you find yourself busy on the Roman tourist trail, take a moment to relax in one of the city’s best cafes.

Sant’ Eustachio

This is one of the top coffee shops in all of Rome. Some may view it as a tourist trap, but it’s popular for a reason. The coffee is superb and it’s close to the Pantheon so you can make it a quick stop while sightseeing. They roast their beans over a wood-burning stove in the back of the store and have been operating since the 1930s. Order the Crema or the Gran Caffe.

 Sciascia Caffe

This laid-back cafe has an undeniably quirky atmosphere. The coffee bar is decorated with coffee beans and the mugs look like they’ve been handmade. They have an impressive lineup of artisanal coffees and say that they’ve been serving up some of the best in Rome since 1919. Try the Cioccolato Freddo which is topped with strawberries, Cointreau or rum.


While this famous establishment has great coffee it is better known for its impressive clientele. It’s a cafe that’s brimming with history as politicians used to spend hours here discussing important matters. You may even spot a celebrity while you’re getting your caffeine fix. If you visit, be prepared to bump into a few Rome foodie tours.

Antico Caffe Greco

Full of Renaissance charm, this cafe has been operating since the 1700s and offers a unique cafe experience in Rome. The coffee will cost you a lot more than most cafes, but the atmosphere is certainly worth the price. It was once the stomping grounds of famous writers and artists and now has more than 300 artworks on display for visitors.


This cafe is a classic spot to get a strong coffee and a delicious pastry. It opened in 1922, and has been serving soft, flaky croissants and pastries ever since. It also functions as a restaurant so you can get lunch to help soak up the caffeine. The atmosphere exudes historic charm and the details are sure to make you feel like royalty.

Bar del Cappuccino

The Cappuccino here is said to be the best in the downtown. The owner makes sure that all staff members are expertly preparing the drinks so that each cup looks, smells, and feels incredible. Sipping a cappuccino here is a full body experience. The snug cafe is quite small, but it still serves up a hearty meal of pastrami pizzas. It can be found in the Hebrew ghetto along the river and is a great place to relax.

Rome is an epicenter for incredible cafes. In fact, this is part of the culture and those who don’t stop in a cafe at least once, aren’t really experiencing the city. There’s a lot to see in Rome, but, don’t forget to slow down over a cappuccino and take in the sights and sounds from afar. If you are thinking of visiting Italy’s beautiful capital, then don’t forget to book your transfer from Rome airport in advance.