10 countries to go to if you are a food lover

The World Travel Award ceremony rewards a lot of different touristic destinations from all over the world and companies which participate into growing tourism in the world. Amongst those rewards, one concerns the gastronomy supply from the country and since 2012, Peru is the undeniable winner. A good occasion to go for a world tour of the countries in which we can eat the best food.

1. Peru

Peru has been receiving this award since 2012 every year for good reasons. The culinary wealth of the country has started to be well known at the beginning of the 20th century when the passion for ceviche as reached Europe and the USA. Here you can obviously eat ceviche but also the famous aji de gallina, a preparation of mildly spicy chicken stock, some papas rellenas, mashed potatoes stuffed with meat, reconstituted and seared in a pan, all type of fish meals. Overall very healthy and delicious dishes with a lot of varieties. Peruvians are actually very proud of their gastronomy: it is also the place in which you can find the best empanadas, they are cooked in the oven and not fried, at the opposite of the usual practice on this side of the Caribbean cost.

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Papa a la huancaína

– Lomo saltado

– Ají de gallina 

– Anticucho de corazón

– Carapulcra

2. France

For many years, the French supremacy in term of gastronomy was undeniable. The variety of regional products, the general passion of French people for food and the quality of their dish is well known. From confit to Choucroute, to the bouillabaisse or the fondue, France got a lot of good critics from every country in the world. Nowadays threatened, France stays a major actor of world’s gastronomy and its recipes have been copied everywhere in the world. France also has a lot of healthy products and is less affected by the invasion of snack or fast food places than its neighbors.

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Boeuf Bourguignon

– Blanquette de Veau

– Gratin Dauphinois

– Magret de canard

– Foie gras

3. China

A large territory implies an infinite variety of recipes! From Cantonese dim sum to Cantonese lacquered duck and other hundreds of dishes that we are not even aware of simply because the Chinese restaurants’ menus are very standardized in the rest of the world. China offers a lot of different flavors to people who are brave enough to try them out: you should not be scared of ordering dishes that you don’t really know due to the fact that you can’t read Mandarin’s characters. Special mention to Uyghur cuisine, absolutely incredible!

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Kung pao chicken

– Ma Po tofu

– Wontons

– Chow Mein

– Peking roasted duck

4. Japan

Japanese cuisine is quite something: diversified, its quality and its tendency to be really healthy ranks Japan in 4th position. If the world in general really enjoys eating sushi for nearly 20 years, most of the countries ignore totally the rest of the treasures this archipelago has to offer.

For example Tonkatsu, a crispy pork dish topped with sauce, korokke croquettes or dried jellyfish.

Also, you have to know that most of the Japanese food we eat is adapted to the European way of eating and standards, you could discover completely different ways of cooking while going over there.

Don’t wait and grab your flight tickets!

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Tempura

– Yakitori

– Udon

– Soba

– Sukiyaki

5. India

Like China, India offers so many traditional recipes and dishes because of its number of regions: meaning a lot! Nothing alike, ranging from the South gastronomy or the one from the Kashmir area and nothing to be compared with most of the western Indian restaurants which offer dishes that mix up approximately the traditional recipes and the western expectations. Deals, butter chicken, and other awesome food taste way different than the one we eat in Europe for example. If you are a spicy food lover and are not afraid of trying new things, India is your dream trip! Your taste buds will thank you!

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Ghee pulav

– Bisibila bith

– Naan

– Tandoori chicken

– Rasamalai

6. Thaïland

Thaï pad, green curry, seua rong haï – “tiger’s tears” the legend says that it’s so good that it could make a tiger cry of pleasure – red curry or Laam: Thaï food is awesome. An absolute must-try! Often really spicy and influenced by Chinese and Laotian culture, Thaï food is something that really deserves to be tasted. Also, the currency value there is pretty cheap so for most people traveling it’s really affordable and you can easily try even the most expensive restaurants.

Don’t even hesitate, if it’s not for the food, there are plenty of amazing landscapes and temples that you should discover… And from what everyone tells it is pretty fan-thaï-stic!

7. Italy

Is it really necessary to introduce Italian food? It has almost as much variety as French cuisine, far from the cliché of pizzas and pastas. In the North, we can taste fabulous fishes, in the South Italians cook lambs like nowhere else. Stew, Vitello-tonnato – a surf and turf mix, mozzarella and tomato salad with some nice olive oil. The difference between the landscapes (mountains, seaside etc…) brings a lot of specialties that are only prepared in certain places. Therefore, in order to discover all the secrets this country has to offer to you, your only choice is to book your flight and travel there!

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Caciucco livornese

– Gorgonzola

– Panna Cotta

– Arancini di Riso

– Caprese con Basilico

8. Spain

Well, Spanish people are well known for not going easy on the cooking oil, but they also have really good intuitions. Rubbing garlic and tomatoes on bread, that was smart, creating patatas bravas – potatoes dice fried in oil and often supplemented with garlic – that was pretty fortunate too.

Their pork is well cooked, their ham has no equivalent and more important: Spanish know what to do with peppers. A typical Mediterranean cuisine, an appetite for rice with saffron and a lot of fabulous regional recipes.

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Tortilla Espanola

– Pisto

– Pulpo a la gallega

– Gaspacho

– Croquettes

9. Malaysia

Malaysian cuisine takes its roots in Chinese, Indian and Javanese recipes mixed with the inputs of colonization, especially from the Netherlands. A lot of rice in many forms, a lot of red peppers, stews, bouillons, chicken and seafood. And even more important the vegetables are perfectly cooked.

The curry or gulaï are delicious, the nasi ambang is a worth try with its chicken and its seafood marinated. An even more curious meal is nasi kerabu with its blue rice. Yummy yummy!

Don’t hesitate to travel over there!

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Laksa

– Chicken Rendang

– Sembal belacan

– Seri Muka

– Penang Hokkien Mee

10. The United States of America

Even if they live on junk food, the USA still have a certain number of typical recipes that are quite worth tasting and that will probably please your stomach. Apart from Argentinians, nobody knows how to grill meat better than Americans, and lately, their wines are not too bad at all. The intensive agriculture allows the country to always have a decent amount of fresh vegetables even if they are not always of high quality. Influences from European immigrants and tex-mex culture has enriched the North American food culture. The size of the territory and the different melting pots have a part to play into this quality.

If you feel like tasting a real American barbecue, why would you not book a ticket to fly over there this summer?

5 recipes that you should definitely try:

– Texan BBQ

– Choc chip pecan pie

– Parsleyed corn on the cob

– Rosemary cornbread

– Red Velvet cake

Just remember: food is love, food is life!