Top 5 places to explore in Chile

If ever you are considering visiting South America, consider visiting the beautiful and diverse country of Chile. When exploring Chile, there is a range of different scenery to encounter. Here we narrow down a few ideas to what we believe is a must-see!

Marble Caves

The marble caves are known as the cuevas de Mármol located on a peninsula of solid marble near Lake General Carrera. Over 6000 years of waves hitting onto the calcium carbonate marble, you can see the reflection of Lake Azure and depending on the time of the year and water levels it will look different. The caves are only accessible by boat. Visitors will sometimes go kayaking to be able to view the caves even more closely, often resembling existing natural shapes which are always fun to spot.


Easter Island

Easter island is a remote island near Chile. It is an archeological site which still holds a lot of mystery. It has a rich history which can be seen by the many Moai stone sculptures spread across the island. There are three volcanoes on the island, each providing a spectacular view. When visiting the island make sure to spot the largest and most famous sculpture El Gigante. These sculptures were created by the people of Polonesia using raw materials that the volcanoes provided. The sculptures are said to represent different ancestors and was believed to protect the inhabitants from evil.


Atacama Giant

On the Chilean hillside of Cerro Unitas, you can find one of the largest geoglyphs in the world. It is estimated to be created in the 1000-1400 AD by a share of cultures including the Inca.The Atacama giant itself is 119 meters high and alongside it you can find smaller images of animals and other mystical outlines. The images were created through a combination of digging and placing rocks and sand in specific patterns across the landscape. This massive geoglyph would serve a purpose for its people who could track the time of the year depending on the geoglyph’s alignment with the moon.

This was also used to predict rainy seasons. It is a remarkable site to view while visiting the Atacama Desert. The desert itself is one of the driest places on earth, after the poles. Receiving less than 1 millimeter rain a year it is reflected in its barren environment. However, there are a lot of things to see such as the South American grey fox, the Humboldt penguin found around the coast and furthermore the desert is one of the best spots to stargaze due to the lack of pollution.

Patagonia National Park

The Patagonia Park is a national park protected by the Chilean government in hopes to restore the wilderness. The area is made up of large grasslands, mountainous areas and the coast. This serves multiple options when visiting such as mountain climbing, hiking or kayaking. There are many organizations that arrange trips into exploring Patagonia. The area also has a variety of birds allowing activities such as birdwatching. You can also mountain bike and do overnight backpacking.

Viña del Mar

If you are searching for a place to soak up the sun and relax, Vina del Mar is ideal. The name translates into Vineyard of the Sea. The city is located on the central coast of Chile and is said to be a great vacation destination. The oldest buildings are from 19th century as everything was destroyed beforehand by the eruptions. Visit the national botanical garden which holds over 3000 plant species around the world with gardens dedicated to different forestry and habitats which are well tended.

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