South Korea curiosities

Winter Olympics are taking place in South Korea. So, we decided to list some curiosities about this incredible country. Check it out:

  • In South Korea, babies are considered to be one year of age at birth. That’s why Koreans are born older than the rest of the world!
  • Only 3.2% of South Koreans are overweight.
  • In South Korea it is normal for men to wear makeup – 20% of the male population openly wear such cosmetics.
  • South Korea is the world capital of plastic surgery! It is estimated that approximately one in five women in the country has undergone cosmetic surgeries.
  • South Korea has the world’s fastest wi-fi internet, with an average download of 33.5 megabits per second.
  • In 2012, the city of Pohang, in South Korea, inaugurated the world’s first prison with robot guards.
  • South Koreans love shopping. The country has some of the largest malls in the world and stores are open until 4am in the morning – restaurants, bars and cafes usually close at 11pm.

  • It is very common for girls to undergo plastic surgery in the eyes of a 16-year-old birthday present to look more like Western.
  • Kimchi is one of South Korea’s most traditional national dishes, a combination of vegetables and seasonings fermented in the basement for months and served with almost everything. There are approximately 250 different types of kimchi.

  • Being a StarCraft game player is a legitimate profession in South Korea.
  • South korea has lowest rates of crime in the world.
  • South Korea has a law requiring the use of Internet Explorer for all purchases and online banking transactions in the country.
  • Since 2011, South Koreans have made the most use of credit cards in the world.
  • Taekwondo is a Korean sport and literally means “the way of the feet and hands”.
  • More than 20% of South Koreans have the surname Kim.
  • After landing in South Korea, the first thing you will notice is how short the women’s skirts are. Although there is no restriction on the length at the bottom, necklines are considered grossly inadequate and bold. If someone walks out on the street, they will certainly receive disapproving looks from the public, as well as cries and cries of indignation.
  • South Koreans are among the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. They have a very famous and traditional rice liqueur called Jinro Soju.

  • South Koreans work an average of 55 hours per week.
  • Parents are required to install, on their children’s mobile phone under the age of 20, an application that blocks pornography or “inappropriate content.”
  • In Western society, two men holding hands on the street would automatically make people think that it is a homosexual couple. In South Korea no. While touching the opposite sex in public is extremely frowned upon and considered disrespectful to those around, sitting on the lap of your friends or playing with your hair is completely acceptable. Growing women and men are often seen holding hands, sharing drinks or hugging each other. It’s the normal thing.
  • South Korea hopes that the North Korean athletes attending the 2018 Winter Olympics will be a sign of peace reaching the Korean peninsula.

Sakura season

Korea’s cherry blossom season is simply magical, with myriads of flowers bursting into bloom across the country.

If you want to catch South Korea’s cherry blossom season, it’s usually a safe bet to travel there between late March and mid-April. The small island of Yeouido, located on the Han river, is one of Seoul’s most popular spots for enjoying sakura season.

But you also can check other places as beautiful as like, the Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival, the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon and the Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival.