6 Breweries in the Netherlands

If you love beer, this article is for you! The Netherlands has some breweries open for visitation that will make your trip even more interesting. Here are some you cannot miss.

Heineken Experience

One of the most famous and popular beers in the world,  Heineken has one of its old factories in Amsterdam.

You can take a tour there and learn more about the history of the brand, and in the end you can still taste the beer.

Brouwerij ‘t IJ

In a beautiful old mill, the factory of the Dutch brand Brouweij’t IJ is still functioning. For home-made beer worshipers, this is the ideal spot. There is a bar with snacks and you can try all varieties of branded beers. An ideal stroll for a summer day.


In the north of Amsterdam, this brewery is hidden in a shed. A few tables, a counter and in the background big barrel of production. The quantity of beer labels and the quality of these are impressive. Definitely include it in your trip.


A brewery that runs on the premises of an old church? Yes, we have that!
Jopen has 2 factories like this, one in Haarlem and one in Hoofddorp. There they serve a good variety of foods and you can try all the beers of the brand. In an unusual place, with a lot of charm, this brewery deserves to be included in your trip.

Delirium Café

This brewery is a bit hidden and may go unnoticed by visitors in Amsterdam. However, it is easy to get to especially for those coming from Central Station Amsterdam. At this Delirium bar, they do not produce beer themselves but they offer several beers in a catalog that include more than 100 different beers from around the world.


Specializing in American beer, this brewery is located in the center of Amsterdam and has many different beer labels from around the world. Well worth the visit because the place is cozy and great for chill out.

In fact, there many bars and pubs in Holland serving a wide variety of beers. Choose your favorite and cheers!