5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Naples



Coffee culture in Naples is hard to miss. There are cafes on nearly every street, and the locals stop off for coffee throughout the day.

People in Italy usually drink espresso shots. They’re small, so the locals tend to refuel as they go about their day.

If you’re visiting Naples and want in on the local coffee culture, there are a few places to do it.

Here are 5 of the best coffee shops for your caffeine fix in Naples.








Gran Caffe Gambrinus – Naples



This is one of the most popular coffee spots in Naples. It’s well-known but it lives up to its reputation.

It’s considered a literary café and has been a meeting place for businessmen, politicians, and intellectuals through the years.

Make sure to get the Neapolitan Espresso Coffee. It’s a classic and comes in a cup that is just as artistic as the drink itself.

If you visit one café while in Naples, make this one a priority.



Nea Café



The double entrance and baroque staircase make this café look old fashioned. But, once you get inside, it’s clear that Nea is a modern take on the classic coffee atmosphere.

There is a minimalist look, clean lines, colorful furniture, and a full wall of books.

It’s near the University of Naples Federico II, so creatives and students are known to frequent the café.

In fact, it’s a café and an art gallery in one.



Bar Nilo



It’s a family-run café that’s been around for years. The atmosphere isn’t typical of a coffee house.

The owners love football and provide an espresso on-the-go experience. They have mentioned that they don’t care to grow the business.

They’ve been slinging espressos for years with a machine-like work ethic.

While it’s not a place to read and find inspiration for coffee, it is an authentic experience.



Café Mexico



This café is another local favorite. There is more than one location so it will be easy to find one.

The atmosphere is often described as retro, and the baristas seem to really know what they’re doing.

The espresso here is served sweet so make sure to ask for a bitter version if that’s not your style.

However, if you like sweets, ask for the harem con Panna, which is Arabica bean espresso with cream on top.



Leopoldo Infante



visit This sleek café is a more modern take on a classic Naples coffee bar. The espresso is made as per tradition, but the polka dot interior gives it a trendy flair.

They are known to have delicious pastries, so make sure to visit when you’re hungry.

It’s a great place to sip some coffee while reading a book and watching the people come in and out of the café.



Coffee in Naples is a must. If you really want to experience the local culture, time spent in a coffee shop is even better than visiting the tourist attractions.  Plus, a little caffeine is a great way to start your day.









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