5 Incredible Places to Eat in Palma



5 Incredible Places to Eat in Palma

The culinary landscape in Palma is always evolving. Fine dining restaurants come and go, local favorites become famous, and experimental dining options pop up.

If you’re visiting Palma, you’ll want to experience the dining scene for yourself. While you may not get around to every incredible restaurant, here are the top five to start with.




Visitors typically come to this restaurant for the authentic Pintxos. It’s always busy and crowded because it is such a small space.

While the food is top notch, the atmosphere is quite laid back. There is a cold bar for guests to choose their own options. And, the warm dishes and tapas are always a favorite. Both vegetarians and meat eaters can enjoy the fare here.

They have an extensive tapas list with items such as cod fritters, chorizo cooked in cider, and grilled octopus.

Make sure to try the fried camembert with onion and oxtail. And, when you’re done, don’t forget to visit the dessert menu which has all of the classics like crème brulee and tiramisu.








Celler Sa Premsa

This antiquated wine cellar has been turned into one of the top dining options in Palma. Many of the original wine barrels are used for decoration; really setting the scene.

It’s been around since the late 1950s and offers a traditional, dimly lit dining experience. The menu is full of traditional favorites but make sure to sample the suckling pig.




Located at the top of Palma’s Nakar Hotel, this restaurant and bar offers

the best views of Palma.

The cuisine is a modern spin on classic Mallorcan favorites. Chef, Miquel Calent is responsible for the exquisite dishes. And, diners wouldn’t expect any less than perfection from this famous chef.

A seat at one of the terrace tables will offer views of the Bay of Palma, Bellver Castle, and the cathedral.

With three of their own produce gardens, the restaurant provides organic fruits and vegetables to their dishes.

If visiting, try the fish tartar, the pork loin with sweet potatoes and chocolate sauce, and the veal cheeks with potato puree. 



Marc Fosh

If you want to get away from the tourist traps, Marc Fosh is the spot. It’s been called modern, edgy, and chic.

They serve Mediterranean dishes and most of the ingredients are sourced from local marketplaces. It’s located inside Hotel Convent de la Missi, which was built in the 17th century and in the heart of Palma.

Make sure to try the smoked eel tortellini.



Quina Creu

This is one of the most sophisticated and artistic bistro bars in Palma. The waiters are dressed in all back, the walls are filled with books, and you can dine while watching films on the projector.

The crowd here is usually young and trendy, which makes sense given the décor.

The menu features salads like goat cheese with basil mustard dressing, and main dishes like sea bass filet in pumpkin cream.

Make sure to try the cod fillet with quince gratin and aioli.





Palma is a hub for cuisine in Spain. The experience wouldn’t be complete without making a point to sample the offerings. From fine dining to quirky bistros, there’s something for everyone here in Palma. If you are planning on visiting Palma, don’t forget to arrange your taxi in advance.