7 of the Best Restaurants in Copenhagen you have to check out





Copenhagen may not be the first place you think of when looking for a foodie adventure.

However, their culinary scene is nothing to be ignored. In fact, Copenhagen used to be a popular destination for restaurant lovers. But, the buzz has seemed to die down.

Now, this Scandinavian city is back on the scene with world-class eateries and crafty concoctions.

Heading to Copenhagen? Here are seven of the best restaurants to add to your itinerary.










This restaurant is topping lists all over the world. It’s has a three-star Michelin rating and offers views that are nearly as good as the food.

Sitting on the 8th floor, visitors can look out over the greenery and copper roofs of the downtown buildings.

Guests can experience a set menu that is paired with wines. Everything comes perfectly paired for the season.

The chefs here say that they create food that ignites all of the senses. An experience that really can’t be missed when in Copenhagen.







This restaurant is a bit out of the way, but it’s unique atmosphere and food makes it worth it.

The restaurant revolves around their outdoor garden, which grows many of their daily ingredients. Guests are invited to sit by the lavender patches and warm themselves by the bonfires each evening.

A glass of wine while enjoying a seasonal menu selection is amplified by the natural views.




Slurp Ramen Joint



A steamy bowl of Ramen is always a good idea in chilly Copenhagen. The menu here is simple but the flavor is extraordinary.

Guests can also dine on authentic Japanese appetizers like Gyoza and Edamame.

This isn’t the fanciest restaurant in Copenhagen, but this is part of its appeal.



Marchal in Copenhagen



This restaurant offers traditional Danish and French cuisine with a modern twist.

It’s Michelin-star rated so guests can expect a high-quality dining experience.

Salted mackerel and chateaubriand are must-haves from the menu. This experience is definitely extravagant, so make sure to dress well for your dinner here.







If you’re craving Asian food, Goomi is the place to go.

They have a whole mix of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes. It’s known for great value and a laid-back atmosphere.

While it’s not the chicest restaurant in the city, it certainly offers an authentic experience and taste.

The food is presented artistically and the noodles are a favorite so make sure to give them a try.



Noma – Copenhagen



We had to add this one to the list since it’s been considered THE best restaurant in the world.

The food here borders on art and is completely unique, yet delicious. It may be difficult to get a table so make sure to make your plans well in advance.

And, since it has been dubbed the world’s best restaurant, don’t be surprised that the prices are very high.

This restaurant is located on the canal and offers Nordic cuisine that has been Michelin-star rated.

It’s the sibling of Noma, so you can expect top-notch food and experience.

Much of the menu revolves around fermenting, pickling, and foraging for ingredients. Sharing style dishes are recommended so try and bring a group along for the experience.





Copenhagen has a dining scene that is certainly making a comeback. Whether you want Michelin Star experiences or local eateries, you’ll find something in this food-loving city.

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