Barcelona for Kids – 5 Top Tips

You’ve already decided that Barcelona is a great destination to travel with kids.

That’s great! You couldn’t be more right. Barcelona has a ton of great activities for children.

While you’re doing your planning, here are a few tips to keep in mind. They will help your trip to Barcelona with the kids go smoothly.


Go on a Food Tour First Thing


It can be overwhelming to find a restaurant in a new city. And, when both you and the kids are hungry, the situation can escalate quickly. By doing a food tour on the first day, you can learn all about the best places to eat.

The kids will be motivated to keep up with the tour as they get to snack their way through the day. Afterwards, you’ll know exactly where to go when hunger strikes.


   Visit the Chocolate Museum


What child doesn’t love chocolate? This museum will be a treat that both you and your kids will enjoy. You’ll learn all about how chocolate is made while checking out the chocolate sculptures around the museum.

There’s a café on site so you’ll be able to satisfy the chocolate cravings that naturally creep up during the tour.



Bring Snacks


While Barcelona has no shortage of restaurants, during the siesta, things close down. You don’t want to be on the hunt for a hearty meal during this time in the afternoon.

If you’re out sightseeing, it’s likely that you’ll lose track of time. This could leave you and the kids in a tough spot when it comes to food. Head to the local market beforehand and stock up on snacks to keep the kids going through the siesta each day


Visit Barceloneta Beach


There’s a few beaches in Barcelona to choose from. However, Barceloneta is the best for families.

It’s the most popular beach in the city and is centrally located near Las Ramblas. There are plenty of restaurants nearby to grab a snack when the kids get hungry. While the water is not always warm enough to take a dip, the kids will love the vast expanse of sand to play in.







Visit in Fall



Fall is arguably the best time to visit Barcelona with the family. You’ll be able to explore the city without the crowds, and whilst enjoying a cool breeze rather than the baking sun which summer brings. It’s a great time to take the kids to a football game, especially if they get a kick out of sports.

Later on in the season you may be able to find bonfires and you’ll probably stumble upon freshly roasted chestnuts and potatoes to snack on too.

Pair the snacks and warm weather with impromptu art exhibits and sunsets and you have a pretty great family trip ahead of you.

Barcelona is a great place to take the whole family. Both parents and kids may even fall in love with the same attractions. If you keep these five tips in mind, you’re bound to have a great family vacation that will go down in history as one of the best.

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