Top 5 Activities to do in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is an exciting city.  It is the country’s economic, cultural and political capital. With more than 8 million people living in the city or the surrounding area, about half of Chile’s population lives in or close to the city. That’s why Santiago so exciting, there is something to see or do for everyone. In fact, the city offers so much in terms of culture that it can be quite overwhelming. Here are our top 5 things to do in Santiago de Chile so you know what really is worth your time.

1. Rise above Santiago!

The city is surrounded by mountains, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the city from multiple high spots. Classically, Cerro San Cristóbal is your place to go. It is a fun hike up, you can even pay the little Japanese garden a visit. Another option is Cerro Santa Lucia in the city center. Is a hill not high enough? How about the current highest building in South America, Sky Costanera? At 300m you have a 360-degree view of the city. Pretty sweet!








2. Plaza de Armas

The face of a chilean city can definitely be discovered at its Plaza de Armas. It belongs to the city like its town hall. With the Santiago being to capital, the Plaza de Armas is arguably the most impressive one. There are many walking tours starting from here. In general, it is a good location to start your Santiago experience here.




3. Bellavista, Santiago de Chile

Bellavista is Santiago’s alternative district. You can find a lot of creativity here. Museums, Art Galleries, and Performances are most prominent in this area. Make sure to relax a little and observe the area’s overall atmosphere.




4. Shopping in Santiago

Going shopping at the Costanera Center is super fun and can be combined with our activities, such going to the cinema or visiting the Sky Costanera as mentioned above. Easily accessible by subway and car, the Costanera Center is your top place to go for any sort of shopping




5. Completos

Right, Completos are not Santiago’s exclusives but you find them in the city more than in any other city: At every corner! What is a Completo though? It combines two of the best things in the world: Guacamole and Hotdogs. Make sure to eat it daily when in Santiago!