Top 10 Christmas Destinations

New York (United States)

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities to spend Christmas in. It counts on a little help from nature because it usually snows during these days, which gives a greater magic to Christmas.

Lapland (Finland)

Finland breathes Christmas mainly because it is know to be where Santa Claus is from. The city is known as the city of the birth father. You can also enjoy the magic of Christmas at Santa Claus Village and at Santa Park which are both theme parks that recreate Christmas scenery.

Gramado (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

The many attractions that the city has during this time attract thousands of visitors every year, the event is called “Natal Luz”, begins in late October and ends in early January.

Frankfurt (Germany)

Christmas is breathed a little all over Germany, the Frankfurt Christmas market is one of the oldest and most popular in Germany with more than 600 years of history.

 Amsterdam (Holland)

The legend of Santa Claus or Sinterklaas is very strong in the capital of the Netherlands. Today, the city attracts thousands of visitors at this time of year mainly due to the Christmas atmosphere.

Quebec (Canada)

Canada has a beautiful Christmas, with landscapes formed by snow white and beautiful Christmas decoration, which reminds us of a movie scenario.

 Sydney (Australia)

Christmas in Sydney is lived in the middle of summer, there are several Christmas festivals and thousands of colored lights throughout the city.

 London (England)

The city of London is well-known for its wonderful Christmas lighting, especially the Winter Wonderland, a market held in Hyde Park.

 Paris (France)

A city that gets even more magical during Christmas, from lighting to the Christmas Market. You also have the opportunity to live Christmas at Disneyland.


In Tokyo you find fascinating Christmas lights, Japanese non-Christians can recreate the Christmas spirit in the city and Starlight Garden is covered with thousands of lights.