5 activities to do in London when it is raining

To carry an umbrella in London is as essential as having your Oyster card on you at any time. And even if it does not rain, weather in the UK can be rough – cloudy, cold and windy. It is advisable to always be prepared for those days, especially if you are only visiting the city. If you do not know what to do yet when it is raining in London, you sure will after reading this blog.

1. Museums and Galleries

We start of with a rather obvious possibility. Participate in culture! London more than almost any other city in the world offers a wide variety of galleries and museums. Interesting in contemporary art? Or you want to learn about history? You can easily spend one entire day of rain in the British Museum.





“When a man wants to write a book full of unassailable facts, he always goes to the British Museum.”   Anthony Trollope




2. Choccywoccydoodah

This café in Soho with the strange and impossible-to-pronounce name is one of my London favorites. It is a must visit for all hot chocolate lovers out there. Even if it is open all year, the sweet bitter taste of this popular drink is best enjoyed during winter time.



3. Go shopping at James Smith&Sons

What is more obvious than going shopping on a rainy day? Going to shop for umbrellas! With the London Charm, please. The best way to do that is at James Smith&Sons with a Victorian store where you will find the umbrella of your dreams – however that might look like.



4. Indoor Markets

Rather than spending your time in crowded and commercial malls, you can check out London’s indoor markets. Constructed in 1881 by Horace Jones, the Leadenhall Market is another example of Victorian architecture filled with restaurants and cafes.



5. Go bowling

How do you have a good time with your buddies, be physically active and stay indoors? Simple. Bowling! There is a particularly recommendable place: Rowans Tenpin Bowl. Besides bowling, you can also entertain yourself at old-school arcade games. When you are hungry, you can have food delivered right to your lane. Amazing!