How Does Your Holiday Allowance Compare to the Rest of the World?

It’s September and for many of us that means one thing – holidays are over until Christmas. Our yearly annual leave has been used up on our summer escapes, and there are no more public bank holidays until the festive season begins. For others, we never really had much holiday leave in the first place.


As we head out of the summer season we started thinking about how different countries around the world treat bank holidays and annual leave. So we did some digging, and the results are varied and surprising.


Did you know that in the US there is no minimum annual leave allowance that employers must give their staff?


In Taxi2Airport’s native home of the Netherlands we don’t fare too well on the holiday front either, with a combined total of 29 leave days per year, meaning we didn’t even make the top 100 countries for most leave days.


If you’re looking to increase your holiday allowance head to Iran which came out on top with the most leave days, racking up an impressive 48 days of holiday through the year, based on annual leave and public holidays combined.


Also ranking highly were Turkmenistan, Kuwait and Nepal. At the bottom end of the scale was Micronesia with only 6 public holidays and no set minimum annual leave allowance.


Based on public holidays alone Nepal came out on top with 28 public holidays, while for annual minimum leave allowance Kuwait and Turkmenistan is where you can get the best deal, with employers offering a minimum annual leave allowance of 30 days.


With only 10 public holiday days and no minimum annual leave, the USA was in the bottom five countries for combined amount of leave days. While the UK also didn’t rank particularly highly, with a total of 28 leave days.


Have a look at our infographic below to see how your country’s holiday allowance and public bank holidays compares to the rest of the world.

Holiday allowances

For those lucky folk who do still have some holiday days to take, remember if you need airport transfers we’re here to help!