The 6 Places to Visit in Argentina

1.Buenos Aires (Capital of Argentina)





The capital of Argentina and she is one of the cities considered “more European” in Latin America and Tango is a world reference.



2. Mendoza





It is the wine capital of Argentina and considered the Argentine oasis. You can not miss San Martin Park for a pleasant morning walk. Mendoza is the best base to explore the Aconcagua Provincial Park.



3. Ushuaia







It is known as “La Ciudad del Fin del Mundo” and a must-see destination.



4. Puerto Madryn





Region known as the Atlantic Patagonia, is a good point on your trip in a wonderful place.



5. Salta






You can start your trip through Cerro San Sebastian, where you will find a very beautiful view.



6. Cataracts of Iguaçu






It is considered a marvel in nature and a must for anyone visiting Argentina.