5 common preconceptions about India that are actually wrong



Clichés, common preconceptions, are really tough and most often wrongs, but it’s really hard to parted with its. Discover the 5 main cliché about India and why they are wrong.



1 – World Naan’s cheese country







For European people, India is the paradise of naan cheeses. Those little leaves of bread full of tasteful cheese are obviously delicious, yes, but does not exists in India! It’s something you can only find in Europe. Actually, it will be hard for you to find any cheese in India because it’s not something very popular there. But when you look to their richness of cooking, there are so many delightful things better to try than a little piece of bread with industrial cheese inside.

















2 – Driving is really dangerous







Actually, that is only right if you try to drive in the same way that in Europe. It is almost like in Europe, but with 10 times more people which means that you are going to be very careful and use a lot your horn. It is not a bad thing to use it there but more an efficient way to say “Hey, I am going that way whatever you do!”. It is more about fearlessness and reactivity than rules and codes. You also need to know that cows have priority everywhere, yes…



















3 – Hindu is the main language









First of all, Hindu is not a language but the name for people member of Hindu religion. It is just like saying that Muslim people speak Muslim. And they don’t speak Indian either. There are more than 20 dialects in India spoken according to the different part of the country you are. Anyway, even if India is the second largest English speaking country of the world, not everybody there speaks it but only the people who went at school. You will consequently need to learn how to speak with gestures, but that’s pretty easy!




















4 – The Bollywood Movies








First, you need to know that Bollywood movies are only the industry of the north of India, means that there is other different industry in different parts of the country. And even if it is a lot of dances, flowers, and love stories; there are also a lot of social movies really interesting. Cinema in India is livelier than in Europe: people react, scream, laugh, applause and feel the movie at 100%.

























5 – India is nasty, and it’s dangerous to eat there








Yes, India is not a clean country, but there is a huge problem of overpopulation still not fixed. And they do not have the money to clean properly the streets. But that does not mean that everything is dangerous. There are only two rules to memorize: only drink water in bottle and do not eat not-cooked food because it’s often washed with water. But as long as you eat cooked meal, there is no problems. Quite the opposite the food is really spicy but incredibly good.