The Wild Atlantic Way’ Road-Trip

One of the best way to travel and to discover the world as you never saw it before is to road-trip. You take your car, and go on the road to discover the places you always wanted to, stop whenever you want, sleep wherever you want, and live free.


And there is in this world, some places which are so perfect to travel like this.


The best place to road-trip, according to many travelers (and also to is the very famous “Wild Atlantic Way” in Ireland. It is simply the longest coastal road in the world, running 2500km up the western coast of Ireland. Every day travelled there offers you incredible landscapes you never saw before, huge sea-cliffs that will give you goosebumps, and beautiful desert beaches to enjoy (even if the water is not really warm).


The duration can goes from 2 to 4 weeks according to you.


We give you here 5 insane spots to see during your amazing trip from the north to the south of the Ireland!






Portsalon Beach


Portsalon beach is based in the county of Donegal, home of the finest beaches of Ireland. And, by the way, this beach has been voted as the second most beautiful beach of the word. If it is so exceptional, that is because it gives a great view of the Inishowen Peninsula (a place that you also need to see) and that you can admire spectacular sunsets.




Mullaghmore head, Sligo


This place is basically based on amazing coastal cliffs where you can watch the huge waves crashing and making some terribly noise. And the shittier is the weather, the better it is for you because waves will be more powerful. You will may be enough lucky to meet the ‘Prowlers’, which are basically enormous waves reaching around 100ft high; waves that you can see nowhere. Not really the best place to have a swim.




Achill Island


The coast of Mayo is the departure gate of many smaller islands, desert most of the time. The biggest one is the famous Achill island, home of beautiful white sand – blue water beaches, typical Irish pubs and great walking tours to visit the island from top to bottom. This island gathers everything you need to see in Ireland. The access is via a road bridge.




Cliffs of Moher


One of the most visited area in Ireland is probably this place. This the most prominent place of Ireland, and if you don’t visit it during your road-trip, it will not be a fulfilled trip. But try to go there in a sunny and cloudless day to enjoy the craziest view of Ireland. Because when the sky is clean, you can see Aran Islands, Galway Bay, the Dingle Peninsula and Blasket Islands in Kerry. Spectacular.





Mizen Head



Mizen head will be one of the latest place you will visit, in the southern Ireland. You will first need to climb down the steps at the edge of the peninsula and visit along the arched suspension bridge above the unrelenting sea and the violent waves until reaching the point where you can not go further. Your road-trip will be almost ended. Take a few hours to enjoy the sea, the superb view and to focus on the peaceful noise of the waves, crashing on the cliffs. A finish in a high note.





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